what if….


what if i wrote a whole entire paragraph, even a blog, without the use of capital letters?  to think of doing it without punctuation is unthinkable.  even without capitalizing, i feel like i am breaking some major-rager rules!!  woooo scary.  i shit you not.  but, one of the shift keys on my keyboard is working like shit, i.e. hardly working at all, and i’m tired of banging on it!!  yeah i know i do this shit for a living, i could replace the damn keyboard.  that seems to make it even less likely.  oh dear oh me oh my.  i may be stuck with this fucking bum keyboard.

so i was texting with a friend and i actually left some letters uncapitalized and i know!  she is like me.  she gets anxiety when she does something wrong.  she has to correct on the next line, any misspellings she makes.  if i make a spelling error, god forbid, i will correct it immediately.  but it might ruin my day to think that someone thinks i’m a bad speller.  what is that??  oh boy do i miss my capitals. i am a big accentuator, i see.

so anyway! i was texting with the friend, and i had the lower-case letters, feeling acutely that i’m breaking a major, major rule, just as i am now, and i’m like, “what’s going to happen?  who is going to know?  what will they do if they do know?”  somehow i can’t help but fear the consequences.  but still, i had to do it.  just try it.  i promise not to continue.  i don’t know if that means fixing the keyboard or doing a little pinkie weight-lifting to strengthen it or what.  i’ll keep ya posted.

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