You Deserve A Break Today


I was thinking on my walk about what one of my first bosses said about me in a performance review.  She said “You do a good job and then you want to take a break.  But you can’t take a break.”  Well that has stuck with me.  And you know what?  I DO do a good job!  I actually push myself really hard!!  Whether it’s a walk, a piece of art, or work!  And you know what?  I deserve a fucking break!!!  Know what else??  I do BETTER with lots of breaks.  YES.  Yeah I said it.  It’s almost NAUGHTY in this day and age not to be cutthroat, be all you can be every second of every day, pack it all in, Ima go hike me a fourteener, then I’m gonna write a novel, then I’ll go to work at my big sexy corporate job for sixteen hours (going for a run or a bike ride on my lunch break), and then I’ll go out for tapas and mojitos after work.  SWEET.  Unfortunately I am not that fucking cool.  If I can get a walk in and manage to go to my fucking pitiful job at a fucking even more pitiful company that treats their employees like doggie doo then I feel like a rock star.  Yeah!!  This is why I am Me, and They are Them.

Well, I’m stuck with Me and Me requires lots of breaks.  But, me also takes some pretty sweet pictures here and there.  They’re not the best in the world.  I probably won’t get a coffee table book, like, ever.  I’m not a go-getter!  The only way I’ll ever become a go-getter is if I can do it from the safety and comfort of my couch.  Even then.  I don’t even like the phrase!

I vote for sewing some really straight seams, that are reinforced, with finished edges so they don’t fray!!  Now that is beautiful and satisfying.   Yeah.  I love that.  Sometimes I wish I was a go-getter-entrepreneur.  Sometimes I wish I could live up to my full potential.  Sometimes I wish so bad it hurts.  It hurts so bad it makes me scream-cry.  But that’s not me.  I’m the person who gets insanely happy by making something, and making it really well.  Fine craftsmanship.  I will have to leave my teensy-weensy-mark in indestructible garments, quirky photographs, and goofy belly laughs.  I guess that’s my version of aiming high.  And, I aim to get high.  But that’s a different story.  For when I’m high. HA!