Look Ma, I Got an ‘A’ on the Influenza Test!


Well.  This is not what I anticipated for Christmas Day.  Staying home.  Alone.  In quarantine.  Suck-a-roo!  When did everybody’s health become so fragile, that a little Influenza A couldn’t be shared among family?  I guess now.  Shitdamnfuckhell.  THERE’S something nobody wants to face.  Oh mama.  Oh papa.  Don’t leave me!!!

How can I be a certified, bona-fide grown-up on so many levels, yet be so petrified of losing my parents at the same time?  Is this how it is for everyone?  I honestly don’t know how I’d live without them!  They are my solid rocks of stability when I’m a kite flitting & flying god-knows-where in the sky.  It’s like they’re holding my string, reeling me in.  Who will be my stabilizing influence when they are gone?  Oh Lordy.  Scary.  I’m even scared that if I figure this out, then somehow the Universe will see this as a signal that they can be taken from me.  I know, whack!  Well, maybe I’m not the only one.  I don’t know.

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