I’d Like To Buy The World A Diet Coke


Delicious Diet Coke

Fueling My Day

I Must Say ‘Thank You’

To Influenza A

For Giving Me Time Away

From My ‘Career’ aka A Joke!

Here I am trying to get my sewing chops back after not sewing for over five years.  Because I was at a job that consumed me.  Doing things I loved became foreign to me.  DOING WHAT I LOVE IS FOREIGN TO ME NOW.  I can’t remember how to sew.  I can’t remember how to do the things I love?  And I think I need to look for another job doing what I hate.  Here’s what I kept wondering:  Is it me? Or is it the job?  Me? The Job?  Me?  The Job?  What’s the problem?  Always being afraid that the answer was me.  Well now I KNOW the answer is me and is doesn’t scare me at all.  What scares me is this force to make me do things I don’t want to do!  Why is the force so strong in me that I must do something other than what I love?  Why the struggle?

Is it possible that other people decide to be artists, and they sew, and do batik, and make jewelry, and, and, and, and they support themselves?  Is this actually true?  Is this actually possible?  How could I do this?  Me and my big two-steps-forward-three-back-disorder?  I just feel like I’m my own worst enemy.  THAT is my disorder.  Is there a pill for that?  I’ll take five, please.


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