To Be Or Not To Be…A Prickly Pear Like Me

ppI’ve talked before about retaliation.  There’s this chick at work, a Manager with a Capital M in her mind who is being a Bronco Billy Bitch (I made that one up but you’re welcome to use it) to me and it’s moved into the harassment and hostile workplace realm.  I don’t doubt that it began as retaliation for something I said or did, probably on one of my (being kind to myself here) “irritable” days.  You could just as well say that my mouth gets Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the way I may sometimes barf out a bit of my frustration onto others.  I may have, I don’t know, asked a direct question OUT LOUD.  I know, major character flaw, saw the movie, bought the self-help book, wrote a buncha shit about it, workin’ it, ownin’ it.

So!  Here we are and this WOMAN is just non-stop beating up on me.  Over EMAIL!  What is it about the medium that lends itself to abuse?  (I type to myself…)  Well.  She wouldn’t be caught dead answering her phone!  What if I wanted to call her, set things right, say,”Hey!  What’d I do?  Can I say sowwy?”  What would it cost her to let this one go?  To say Please and Thank You and pretend that she lives in civil society?

Part of taking care of myself is in seeking balance.  And in seeking balance, I have to say “no” to being a human punching bag, both to myself and others.  So Ms. Manager is in for a rude awakening.  Consequences are a bitch.  Don’t I know it.  I have reaped the rewards of this mouth for YEARS!!  It’s about time I allow others to do the same.

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