Oh the Glamour of a Curly Toenail!

MYou don’t know my first or last name, so certainly you don’t know my sister’s.  But, just to protect her further, I will change her name for the purposes of telling the story of her glamorous curly toenail.

Snickerdoodle was older than me by a year and a half and I IDOLIZED her.  She was very pretty, she had brunette hair with a natural blonde streak and you could get her to slap your face HARD by calling her a skunk.  She had big brown eyes and well yes she had a curly toenail, second from the top on the right foot.  I LOVED that curly toenail!  We loved a lot of weird things back then.  We tried to jump out of the backyard tree onto our arms because we wanted casts and when that didn’t work; we enlisted the aid of our OLDER sister, Seniordoodle, who tried to break our legs like sticks over her knee.  Didn’t work.  No casts.

Back to the curly toenail.  I loved it you see.  I wanted to show it to strangers.  This HORRIFIED Snickerdoodle!  How DARE I try to show her curly toenail to strangers, even if it WAS the most glamorous curly toenail in all the world?

It seems like the greatest story of perspective ever told.  At least in this grandiose bipolar mind.  So I’m wondering, during my 46th year, never having been married, vowing to draw love into my life in 2013, but really, REALLY wondering:  Could anyone ever love my bipolar-ness?  My sweet and sour-ness?  MY curly toenail?  It’s a question I have long pondered.  Because it ain’t goin’ away, folks!  I’ve tried to kill it!  Medicate it!  Smoke it!  Beer it!  It’s stayin’.  Is there any loving it?

This will be my great experiment of 2013.  Can I love my bipolar?  Can anyone else?

5 thoughts on “Oh the Glamour of a Curly Toenail!

  1. I know exactly how you feel, besides being bipolar, I have about ten other things that like to take over my mind and body and use my for their own evil plans. But I can tell you, love is possible. I found it in my ex… now now, I know I said ex, but he did put up with me for 4 years. But at the end of that 4 years, he was very sick of it. So I thought that was it, no one would ever love me long term for me, the bad, the kinda bad, the little bits of good and a whole lot of crazy. But I found him. He himself is a little weird, kinda autistic in a way. Not making fun of him, that is the truth. His brother is severely autistic and never developed past the mind of a toddler. But my guy, he is high functioning. Basically he just seems weird some of the time. BUT, he is nice and kind and puts up with my highs and my lows and never makes me feel guilty for any of it. I have been with him for 2 years as of Feb 19th and he is still convinced that I am going to leave him. So do not lose hope. Find you someone that is the one who always gets dumped. It makes them grateful for you in a way the cool guy or girl who gets everyone they want can never be.

  2. What a lovely photo. You 3 girls look so much alike. The little girl in the red dress doesnt look too happy though!
    I think you have to love and accept yourself to let yourself open up enough for someone else to fall in love with you. Also if you have been on your own for a lot of years it can be very hard to let someone share your life,you have to be prepared to change,accept and learn how to share stuff, can be difficult when your just used to everything your way!
    I am a bit older than you,never been married and also have a curly toenail! But ultimately I am happy on my own and in the company of my animals.
    Love is possible for everybody,so dont lose hope,if its meant to be it will find you in one way or another and if its not from a human being it will be from an animal.Enjoy it when it arrives

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