Notes from Chewie, the Neighborhood Squirrel and Sage

ChewieNotes on the simple things in life…Chewie says we should enjoy the simple things, like watching a dumb squirrel eating seeds on our porch.  He also says that the wee little animals are sent by the universe to remind us to keep it simple!  Don’t get bogged down by trying to figure out where you are in your disease process at all moments of the day…am I in a mixed mode?  Manic?  Depressed?  Oh my God what if I am fine???  I am going to have to schedule a special therapy session for that topic.  Chewie says go upstairs into your art studio and make something.  Anything!  Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the day.  Fuck the paralysis of analysis!!  Chewie says to note that the word “anal” is in the word analysis!!  Get out there and live your life today and give the inner voices the day off.  Let them know!!  Hang a sign!  Voices, this is your day off, fuckers!  That is all!

2 thoughts on “Notes from Chewie, the Neighborhood Squirrel and Sage

  1. first time visitor … squirrels are the ultimate ADHD/manic-meth-addict-on-too-much-iced-coffee. If they only had opposable thumbs, they could remodel my house and fix my car in one day!

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