Two Girls, Two Apples

Young Sassy in the KitchenOnce we started school, all of a sudden we knew how to cook.  My sister Snickerdoodle and I told Mom that we were going to make dessert for tonight.  All we needed was two apples, some peanut butter, and some jelly.  When asked, we answered condescendingly that “No Mom, we did NOT need any help, we learned how to make this at school, thank you very much!”, so Mom left us with our two butter knives and our two apples and the peanut butter and jelly and a pan and away we went.  We cored those two apples somehow, being five and six it must have been clumsily.  Then we spread the peanut butter and jelly liberally in the cavity created by coring the apple and commanded our mother to bake the apples.  This was how we learned it at school!  Yes!  Well it baked up into a luscious-looking brown, gooey glop and when it was time for dessert Snickerdoodle and I were too full to try the dessert!  But we wanted Mommy and Daddy to have it ALL!  And do you know what?  They told us FOR REALS that the Apple-Peanut Butter & Jelly Roll was REALLY GOOD!  And we were so proud!  We went on to create such deliciousness as strawberry yogurt baloney! Mustard sandwiches with relish!  And, ketchup and corn soup.  We were taught many lessons throughout this time in emotional generosity from those who cautiously consumed our concoctions.

Pictured:  Me, younger than kindergarten, in the ‘kitchen’.

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