Ode to Fuck

GOD, I love the word FUCK!  Is there another more satisfying word in the English language?  Fuck!  You Fuckers!  And oh how I LOVE a good “Fuck you!”  Throughout my day I like to salt my language regularly with “What the fuck’s” and “Fuck this” ‘s and of course the indignant “Who the fuck do they think they are?” will inevitably burst out.  Ah fuck it’s just so soothing.  It’s a noun!  “Hey, you fuck!”  It’s a verb!  “Let’s fuck!”  It’s an adjective!  “He’s weird as fuck!”  It’s an adverb!  I don’t know how to use fuck as an adverb, actually.  But you can fucking see how versatile the word is, right?  OK.  I think I made my point!  Fuck!  I FUCKING LOVE YOU, FUCK!

16 thoughts on “Ode to Fuck

  1. My favorite word is shit because it’s so versatile. You can change the meaning by your inflection alone (“Oh, shit, I’m so happy” or “Oh, shit, I’m so sad”) and there are so many offshoots like crapola or brown tracks on your underwear.

  2. fuckkkkk yesss peaches! I fucking love the word fuck too. Sometimes people think my profanity is offensive, it comes out in spurts, but I just feel like I’m expressing myself, for fucks sake, right? Love your posts and follow them always. Best vibes to you in this fucking mess of a world.

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