Samson Says Payback is a BITCH!


Boulder, Colorado is well on its way to bringing to justice the Boulder police officers who murdered and ate Big Boy the elk.  Idiot #1 Sam Carter and Idiot #2 Brent Curnow were arrested and charged with three felonies:  forgery, tampering with physical evidence, and attempting to influence a public official.  They also threw in a few misdemeanors so they will have something to throw out in the plea bargain:  Unlawful taking of a trophy elk, conspiracy, a Samson surcharge (wtf?), killing an elk out of season, unlawful use of an electronic device to unlawfully take wildlife and first degree official misconduct.

Careful googling reveals that a Samson surcharge adds a financial penalty for poaching a trophy elk (or, one would assume any trophy animal) out of season or on unsanctioned hunting grounds.  This comes from the case of some fool killing a big beauty named Samson in Colorado Open Space.  There are a lot of idiots with guns in this country.  Scary!

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