License to Color Part Deux

License to Color 2You only thought I colored the first one…with the second one I got serious.  For those of you who missed the first one, my group therapist informed the group that coloring symmetrical line drawings can be meditative.  Ever since then I have taken this license to color to heart and am enjoying the hell out of it.  After the first crayon picture I got serious and got out the jelly roll glitter pens.  Holy shit it’s fun!!  Every few spare minutes I get I color a little!!  If I’m working around the house and I think I deserve a little break, I color.  It’s ridiculon!!  I love it!!  I totally recommend it.  I am including an un-colored copy for you…enjoy my friends ENJOY!!!!

Coloring Challenge

2 thoughts on “License to Color Part Deux

    • I love it to distraction!! The therapist said that there are adult coloring books at Barnes & Noble – could this be??? I can’t imagine asking . . . “Oh hello, where are your Adult Coloring Books? Can you tell I’m wearing an adult diaper too?”

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