Mamma Mia

momLook at my mom, looking beautiful, like a 60’s covergirl, except she’s eating a raw hot dog, which she used to love, but she’s young and beautiful and on a picnic, presumably in California ‘cause that’s where we lived.  The year was 1968, which made her around 27.  So far she had us three girls, and she would go on to have three more kids.  She is tiny, petite and has a girlish figure.

I often wonder if my mom is happy, happy being married to my dad, having six kids, if she could undo some of us, would she?  Or if she could not have gotten married, would she?  She sure has said enough times that if the Catholic Church would ordain women as priests, she would become a priest.  I don’t know where that would leave us, I guess we would at that point all become bastards and my dad an unmarried slut.  Hell I dunno.  It’s interesting to think about though.

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