My Girl, or Dreams DO Come True!

DiscoOne of the most incredible nights of my life was when I got to sing My Girl on stage at a Temptations concert.  The Temptations backed me up.  What’s even more incredible than that is that my whole life up to then, I loved to sing and had a fantasy every time I went to a concert that somehow the people at the concert would know that I could sing, and would invite me onstage to sing with whoever the band was.  Of course, this was just a fantasy.  How could I possibly ever go onstage, at a concert, and sing?

It all started with a casual mention at work.  An elderly lady, Peg, said “Bipolaronfire I have these tickets to The Temptations at the Lincoln Center tonight, I’m not going to use them.  Would you like them, dear Bipolaronfire?”  “Yes!” I answered and snatched them out of her bony hands.  She liked to change her mind at the last minute and call out “Psych!” and I couldn’t take that chance with these tickets!

That evening my friend Fonnie and I found ourselves at the Lincoln Center in the first row of the Mezzanine.  We both agreed that this situation beat the shit out of popcorn, top ramen and PeeWee’s Playhouse reruns.  We were experiencing the ‘poor college student’ time of our lives.  Since I packed my four years of college into eight, that was quite the extended stint of poverty and ramen.

The opening act before The Temptations was called The Nacho Men.  They were a great acapella group and we sat back and enjoyed them.  After The Nacho Men, Fonnie and I were sitting and recounting our good fortune when an older couple came up and said “Would you like to trade tickets?  We have front row seats and it’s too loud for us!”  Once again Fonnie and I couldn’t believe our good fortune.  We gratefully accepted the couple’s offer and made our way to the right side of the stage, front row, just in time for the beginning of the Temptations.

Do I need to say how incredible the Temptations were?  That I felt like I was having aural orgasms?  Stop.  Go back.  Read the previous sentence.  Au-ral.  Orgasms.  Of the ear.  Oh, it was heaven.  They were incredible.  We’re flirting with them, Fonnie and I.  And then here at some point this big bouncer-ish guy is securing a ladder in front of the stage.  And THEN the bouncer-guy says to me “Would you like to go up onstage and sing?” And with a shove Fonnie says “Yes she WOULD!”  And I’m up ONSTAGE in front of the whole concert audience and they say “Do you know My Girl?” and the song starts and I’M SINGING MY GIRL and the TEMPTATIONS ARE BACKING ME UP and THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!  Something in me took over then and I was flirting with the crowd and it was like I was MEANT to be up there!  It was spectacular and more than I could have ever imagined in my fantasy.

Eventually I returned to my seat, and the concert ended.  Afterwards, concertgoers asked me if that was arranged in advanced, because I was “so good” (No, it was not of course).

In looking back on it, I try to ask, what happened to make such a fantasy come to fruition?  The only thing I can say is that I was in a pure gratitude state, purely in the moment, and so receptive to what the moment brought.  If I could live my whole life like that, maybe such a fantastic fantasy might come true again someday.

5 thoughts on “My Girl, or Dreams DO Come True!

  1. And this happened recently? I think you are really only just now starting to burn. And you’ll be amazed at the speed at wich the fire travels.

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