Herpetologically Speaking…

St Augustine Lizard

One day we were walking to school, my sisters and I.  I was in Kindergarten, Snickerdoodle was in first grade and Seniordoodle was in second.  We walked through an open field to get to school.  Walking to school in the semi-arid desert of Bakersfield, California, you might come upon any number of wild things, but on this day we came upon a snake in our path.  Being solution-minded little girls, we held hands, ran and jumped over the snake and were on our merry way.  When we described the snake later to Mommy and Daddy, including its peculiar rattling sound, THEY were the ones who were rattled to think of their young daughters hopping over a rattlesnake on the way to school!  What kind of dangers were out in the big bad world that they couldn’t protect us from?  I’m glad we were so innocent, that we couldn’t imagine a downside to jumping over a snake.

Today, this week, this month of February, this year 2013, I would like to try to live my life with some of that childhood innocence.  I’d like to try Jumping Over the Snake.  I’d like to just get out there and TRY without over-thinking things too much.  This is my mission, I believe, for this year.  It has already started, with this blog.  Bipolaronfire?  What the hell?  I don’t know!!!  BUT I’M DOING IT!!  Come along for the ride, please, and we’ll see where it takes us.  I think it’s gonna be good.

Pictured:  A Lizard in St Augustine, FL.  Hey.  It’s in the same family.  I don’t have any pictures of snakes.  I DO have a strict policy of only using pictures that I have taken.  And I like pictures!

8 thoughts on “Herpetologically Speaking…

  1. When I was like 10 or 11 and my sister was about 3 and the boy next door was hanging out with us, we found a snake. I was amazed and excited and told them to go get a bucket. So they did. They handed me the bucket and I put it on top of the snake and I hopped on to the bucket and stood there trying to figure out how to get the snake in the bucket as apposed to simply captured by the bucket. I of course had big plans for it to be my new pet…. Cause anything you capture in the 4 acres your dad has that is highly wooded is gonna make a great pet. Anywho, my Dad saw me on the bucket and came out to see what the hell I was in to… I can not remember what kind of snake it was, all I know is that it WAS VERY poisonous and we got lucky and for the rest of my life my Dad will be telling that story, lol. He always likes to point out I almost killed my sister and the boy next door. Aaah, good times.
    Ps… still not scared of snakes, would have one if it were not for having to feed them nice because in my world, a mouse is a pet too.

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