Somebody Get Me a DRANK!

DRANKI got my feelings hurt today, whoop-de-doo-doo, it happens all the time, right?  But right now I am sensitive as a mofo and a tad bit unbalanced and the results were a) A monster stomachache, b) A headache so bad I wanted to barf, and c) Crazy-girl talk and tears combined.  Is this a multiple-choice exam?  No!  Well yes, as long as you choose d) All of the above.  I am feeling kookoo and beyond and I’m wondering, is there a pill for this?  And then I remember, oh shit!  I’m already on FIVE!  Does anybody have a good explanation for me?  Is it Mercury Retrograde?  Saturn Serenade?  Jupiter Gatorade?  Fuck somebody hand me a vodka!

15 thoughts on “Somebody Get Me a DRANK!

  1. We do what we can love….sometimes it involves magic potions 🙂 Tomorrow is another day. And it usually look a bit better than the last. Raising my glass to my fellow BBA!

  2. Honey, I’m a great believer in the restorative power of Margueritas. Or Wine. Or anything really So treat yourself to a tipple of two. But whoever hurt your feelings – let ’em do it once – but don’t let ’em do it twice. They just aren’t worth it. Difficult with the mood problems with BP, I know, but…… if you’re struggling let me know. I’ll send the pirhana round.
    Heggles xx

  3. I am having one of those days. I am so manic i am shaking and dizzy. I fucked up a lot last night and i want a do over but life doesnt give you those so fuck me i want to hide in a hole. PS people hate me right now.

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