The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived!

Well. I am much better from the stomach flu except for this strange zombie-feeling. All I can do is LAY. When I walk it’s a feeble shuffle. I went outside to check the mail (what a wonderful postcard I received!) and that was my exercise for the day-I’m exhausted! The mailbox is just down the stairs and about twenty steps away, mind you. I have to say, this is the most bizarre flu I’ve ever seen! The only good point is that I did a lot of catch-up reading of wp bipolar blogs, I swear, we are a lot of outstanding writers! I LOVE my fellow Bipolars.
Well it’s 3pm and wayyyy past my naptime! How will I get through the (pukeadoo) workday tomorrow? I guess I’ll let tomorrow take care of itself. Ta-ta for now! ❤

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