Sunshine Sneaks in to This Heart of Mine

Sunshine of Spirit

What is it that happens some mornings?  Nothing has changed, but my heart is full of gratitude, and I’m thanking Lawd Jeezy for all I have in the plus side of my column.  Granted, I still don’t love my job, but the plus is that the job has become the small part of my life, and the rest of my life overshadows it.  I have my writing, which is lighting me up and making me shiny and new.  I have an upcoming trip to Florida to soak up some sun.  I have strong, close bonds with family and pretty much monthly birthday celebrations to look forward to (with six kids in our family, brothers and sisters in law, and eight nieces and nephews, we have a rich birthday celebration schedule).  I have a trip to look forward to this summer that fulfills some of my life dreams.  Life is…Good?  YES!  Don’t be scared, little one.  It’s ok to be happy!  Right now in this moment, this is happy.  Not manic, just quiet contentment and thankfulness.  I am going to try to carry this in my heart throughout the day.  Sweet!  Hope you all have a great day.

10 thoughts on “Sunshine Sneaks in to This Heart of Mine

    • In my opinion Happiness is one of the hardest emotions for some of us Bipolars-it is hard to distinguish from mania and sometimes therefore I try to make it go away, which sucks. So I am just trying to be with it.

      • I find that people around me think happy = nuts. And saying “it’s ok! I’m just happy!” gets me sympathetic looks as though they’ve already trying to comfort me in preparation for the come down. Nooo…sometimes we can just be happy! It’s nice to read about the middle ground, I hope you hang around there for a while.

  1. Awesome! Happiness and quiet contentment is very rare for me so I try to treasure the moments before it goes away. I love the picture!

      • Colorado mornings are amazing. I used to live in Colorado Springs and my parents still live there so sometimes I visit and I’m always sad to leave.

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