The Sweet and Sour Chronicles, Volume II

Shit-Colored Glasses

I think I’ve been on a bit of a negativity binge.  Everything that happens at my job pisses me off.  Everything that happens there proves me right.  See??  This place IS dysfunctional!!  Ok for sure the place does work people into the ground.  But!  They gave me a job and they give me an awfully nice paycheck every two weeks.  If I don’t like it I can quit, right?  Oh lawdy jeez methinks I might need to remove the shit-colored glasses… and just when I was really gettin’ cookin!

My first clue as I sat at my desk today looking out my precious window (where I can watch a juvenile hawk come and dive-bomb the little birds) was that I tried to think of what to be grateful for, and then I said, “No.”  Uh, Hello!  Time for an attitude adjustment my friend!

In my 20’s when I had a bad boyfriend who crashed his car into my car, on purpose, and was so scary that I had to go stay in a safehouse, and then caused me to be evicted from my home, my best friend made me call her every day and tell her ten things I was grateful for.  My life was in the shitter on Shit Street in Shitsville and I had to come up with ten things to be grateful for!  Well let me tell ya, I think it got me through.  So, if it worked then, it’ll work now.

I’m not going to torture you with my self-absorbed and very probably stupid list, (who knows, I might say I’m grateful for my teeth, or my boobs) but I will say that I shall make a list every day for the next week, and then check back in.

And that’s it!  From the Sweet & Sour Chronicles, feelin’ a little sour but willing to let that change.

7 thoughts on “The Sweet and Sour Chronicles, Volume II

  1. Thank you!! I could use a pal to help on the path out of Shitsville 😉 i will watch the TedTalk too. Merci!!! Ok and I am grateful for French radio on the internet. <—— Look there's one already! Yeahhhhhh…

  2. Stealing the idea. And I’m not afraid to bore people with how obsessed I am with myself, so you’ll get to read my list (:. And just like you told me, it sucks now, but there’s always another side to it, right? You’ll get there. You take beautiful pictures, btw. Can’t wait to read something from you again!

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