I’m grateful for . . .

Red Beans

Ohhhh I said I wouldn’t do it!  And I’m doing it.  Just a little!!  So…I’m grateful for a family birthday celebration for February birthdays (two siblings have February birthdays) and a Cajun feast to look forward to.  Did I tell you I come from a long line of Ragin’ Cajuns?  Why yes, yes I do.  That fiery blood is the cause of all of my bad behavior.  HA!

So I have red beans in the pot, oh yes!  I am going to rock some Red Beans & Rice.  Wish you were here to sample it.  You might fall in love with me.  That good.  Are bipolars grandiose?  No, not at all.

People of the world!  Have a great day!  And a fabulous weekend!  This is my wish for you.

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