Boulder Blizzard

Snowy Buddha

I have such a hard time being in the moment when it’s winter.  I don’t like winter!  I’m a Spring & Summer gal, having grown up in the semi-arid desert of the San Joaquin Valley of California.  But, living in reality, in the now, I live in Boulder, Colorado, and we have winter!  Today we are having one hell of a blizzard.  I am experiencing it in all its glory.  So I bring you….Snowy Buddha!  I am enjoying watching the blowing, blustery snow outside my windows as I sit inside my cozy warm house, grateful for a hot, spicy, hearty breakfast, and the hot coffee whose delicious aroma nearly brought me to my knees this morning, it smelled so good!  Sometimes life is just so acute, so real, so THERE, it can be so satisfying!  I am grateful.  I will have a good, quiet, putzing day at home, absolutely no reason to leave the house, nothing I must do but only what brings me pleasure.  And no I don’t mean masturbation.  Ok well maybe later!

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