Abilify Commercial – WTF?

In watching broadcast tv, I had the opportunity to see part of a strange Abilify commercial-slash-cartoon.  In addition to feeling like I’ve been on a short acid trip, I’ve gotta say, whew, I’m sold!  I mean, when ya see…

  • Lecture on the great side effects of Abilify is going on.  Depressed Mommy and her ever-helpful Umbrella with Eyes are taking notes on clipboards.  UmbrellaEyes sneaks over and looks at DepressedMommy’s notes coyly.
  • Depressed Mommy saying stuff while picking apples with her family in a cartooney orchard, UmbrellaEyes looking on snootily.  Depressed Mommy looks stoned.  Commercial closes.  The family lived happily ever after, crunching apples in the apple orchard.

What in the fuck does this have to do with depression?  And what the fuck are they doing with this umbrella with eyes?  Are they trying to scare us away from Abilify?  If what you were going for was extreme confusion with a scoche of bizarro, then I say well done, Abilify, well done!

24 thoughts on “Abilify Commercial – WTF?

  1. Ugh. Abilify – been there, taken that… not a fan. I don’t really understand why psychoactive medications are advertised on television. It’s got to be awful for hypochondriacs. “Tired? Sad? Lonely? Losing interest? YES! That’s me! I need abilify/zoloft/ambien, etc.”

  2. I didn’t even know they advertised my precious Abilify. That probably would have turned me off to the whole thing.

  3. “Abilify” is a stupid name as is, no wonder it has stupid commercials!
    I’ve seen the “Depressed? Try Abilify!” ones a few times, but not that particular one you mentioned.
    I take Abilify and it helps.

  4. Pharmaceutical commercials scare the heck out of me, in addition to the fact that they’re like Stepford Wife Ads on LSD– not enough info, all vague promises to people who are desperate and go to overwhelmed primary care docs who will give their poor crazy patients whatever it takes to get them out of their office. Plus, abilify gave me lockjaw, so I just kind of don’t like it on principle. : )

  5. Abilify has a new spot…just saw it for the first time. The whole family having their bbq looks stoned or drunk. Who comes up this crap??.

    • New Abilify commercial??? Time to turn the idiot box back on for sure!!! They are off the fuckin wall!!! Shit I could make one! The family could have animatronic rainbows coming out of their asses! Yeahhhhh!!!!

  6. People see the commercials and think “hey! That’s what I need”. Then, when they go to the doctor, they bug the doctor and the doctor, if he’s been receiving regular visits from the pharm sales person, and has no balls and even less time, goes ahead and prescribes.

    That’s how I see it.

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