Well hello.


Yes it’s ME!  Sorry, I had to pop over to Florida and soak up a little sun into my bones, don’t be mad!


Look, I took a picture of the sunset from the plane for you.  And I drove all the way home through a raging snowstorm just to show you my beautiful pictures.  It was so bad, I found God!  AGAIN!  Oh Lairdy!

Look I promise we’ll talk tomorrow, ok?  I just wanted to say a quick “Hi, I’m alive, here’s a pic” kinda shit and then tomorrow we’ll go deep ok?  Oh yeah.  That sounds BAD.  But I didn’t mean it that way.  Bonsoir!

13 thoughts on “Well hello.

    • Florida was beautiful delicious summer! Did you know that they sell SLUSHIES with ALCOHOL in them? They DO! In the freezer at the grocery stores! We drank slushies and beer and laid at the beach like two happy manatees. It was awesome. I want to go back RIGHT NOW.

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