Get up. Get Out! Go Meet Someone!

So people keep telling me that I need to get out, I need to meet more people.  That I’m a little too curled up in my shell.  Go to a Meetup.  Join a church.  Volunteer.  Try online dating.  Well let’s see.  I think I’ll start a Meetup.  What shall we call it?  Ok yes.

STONER COUCH POTATOES.  This is a virtual meetup because all of the people attending the meetup will never actually get up off their couches to attend their meetup, because they are stoners who sit on their couches all the time!  But, since somebody said they should get out and meet people, here is the meetup for you.  Just go ahead and attend, in your mind, when you’re stoned.  That is all.

Whaddya think?  Ok maybe I’m a little jaded from my week.  I actually felt pretty good with the nice weather, like I actually COULD do something, if I actually had something to do.  And I started exercising again.  Oh well…baby steps for me I guess..

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