Happy Saturday

So it’s Saturday morning, it’s the weekend, it’s my vacation from the week, no thoughts of work allowed for two days.  Thinking a thought of work?  Nope, discard it, we’re on vacation.  What do these two days hold?  Anything I want them to.  I have a wonderful feeling of possibility, of “what might I do?”.  I know I need to go shopping and the thought of shopping always makes me happy…what treasures might I find at the evil Wally World?  I am making an exception and shopping there, I go maybe twice a year.  In principle I am against Walmart.  In reality it’s a huge store and they have some things that I can’t find easily in other places – and I’d prefer not to order them online.  Rationalizations aside…I think I will wrap things up and get myself going – that’s a joint you want to hit up early to avoid the crowds.  It ain’t as bad as IKEA for crowds but it’s a close second.  At the end of this day I will have more to show for it than a sore ass from sitting on the couch, mark my words!!!

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