Swirling Tuesday

Well I have never told you that there is a member of my family who is crazier than me.  I don’t like to brag, I’d like to think I’ve got a corner on crazy and I’m pretty good at kookoo but my little sister is stealin’ my thunder lately, and today takes the cake!  She actually called the cops on her eleven year old nephew and claimed to have been abused by him.  This is such a scary, extreme and hostile act that threatens to splinter our family (I’d say into a gajillion pieces but that’s being extreme) and I am so sad about the extreme positions that are being taken, and the extreme alienation that is being created.

We all have our family skeletons and they seem like nothing but that – an inanimate object such as a skeleton – until it hits your own family and starts hurting.  Let’s face it – when one of us hurts, we all hurt.  So, I am hurting right now.  I am hurting for a sister so tormented that she believes she’s being victimized by her eleven year old nephew, and now by virtue of how she’s behaving she is alienating much of her family but at the same time believing that she is being victimized by them as well.  I am hurting for the mother of this eleven year old, for her fears for his welfare and her own.  I am hurting for my mom and dad who really don’t need any of this shit.  I am hurting for myself, because I am just a hair away from not functioning anyway.  This just fuckin’ hurts.

I wish I had a funky story to tell to make you laugh.  I don’t.  Oh I have one thing.  I thought of the best name for a band today.  Ready?  The Whoa Nellies.  That, or it would make a good pot cookie.  That is all—–

19 thoughts on “Swirling Tuesday

    • I make almost vegan pot brownies – I made them without eggs once and they were pure rocks. It’s problematic because the ingredients are precious gold and you really don’t want to fuck with ’em 😉

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