The Swimming Pool

swimming pool

“CeCe, do you want to go swimming?  Come out here!” called Mama.  There was a strange boy at the door, quite a few years older.  “This is Robert.  He’s the Thompson’s nephew.  Take him out back to the pool.”  CeCe obliged, having put on her swimsuit when she woke as she did every summer morning.  “How old are you?” she asked.  “Fifteen” was the answer.  “I’m ten!” she called, as she dove in.  He made his way to the diving board and did a cannon-ball, splashing everything in the vicinity.  “Pretty good!” she called.  Robert was at the deep end of the pool and signaled with his index finger to come closer.  She swam closer to Robert, thinking  he must have a teenage game they were going to play.  WhenCeCe was about a foot away from Robert all of a sudden he reached over and plunged her head deep under the water, holding her down five, ten, fifteen seconds.  She sputtered and gestured wildly, swallowing water, trying to get away from him, but he had ahold of her head and wouldn’t let go!  Finally he allowed her to come up for air but before she could scream for help he plunged her back down into the deep water.  She kicked wildly, but he seemed impervious to her ten year old kicks at his legs.  She swallowed water again and wondered wildly if she was going to drown while her mother was inside, watching All My Children.  Again Robert let her rise up and take a breath, and again he plunged her down into the deep water.  What had she been told about the big boys?  That they might try to hurt girls and that girls could defend themselves by kicking between their legs?  She tried now as she wildly thrashed under water to aim a kick between Robert’s legs, once, twice she kicked at the mushy mass between Robert’s legs as he held her down under the water.  All of a sudden he released his grip on her head.  She bobbed to the surface and swam to the other side of the pool and got out.  She heard him groaning as she lay on the hot concrete, shaking.  He heaved himself clumsily out of the water.  “You BITCH!  I was only PLAYING with you!” he yelled.  “Oh yeah well your game was NO FUN!” she yelled back, as warm tears mixed with the water running off her face and hair onto the hot concrete.  She stayed put and watched Robert walk out the gate and head for home.  She had been through a terrible ordeal and wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t kicked in between his legs.  She realized then what an awesome newfound power this was, this kicking balls.  A big fifteen-year-old boy was stopped by a kick between the legs!  She vowed then and there that she would watch what happened next year at school.  If she EVER saw a boy mistreating a girl, well, she would walk right up to that boy and just kick his balls!  With that she picked herself up, now nearly dry, and went in to tell Mom of her ordeal and her new discovery.

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