Playing With a Macro Lens

I Love Macro 1

I don’t know if I told you that I’m in love with my camera?  I don’t know jack shit about photography and when I say I don’t know jack shit I mean I. Don’t. Know. SHIT!  But I LOVE IT!!!!!!!  I don’t know why I don’t take a class, maybe it’s because I’m Bipolar ADD (Hi!  My name is Bipolar ADD!) and my shit just don’t come together?  I don’t know.  I’m changing the title of this post to “I don’t know.”  It’s getting obnoxious.  ANYWAYS!  I just got a macro lens and I am playing with it!  I love how it makes everything look beautiful…..See?

I Love Macro 2

6 thoughts on “Playing With a Macro Lens

  1. I love my camera, it doesn’t have a macro lens but it does take fantastic up-close photos of little things, which was sort of the reason my parents picked it for me. It’s otherwise just middle-of-the-road but since I use it for jewelry photography for selling, it was definitely necessary!

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