Psychiatry Appointment #2

kookoo clock

Well this was another riveting sixty minutes for both me and the psychiatrist.  He asked me for all the drugs I currently take (Me:  “Didn’t my medical doctor already fax that over?”  Psych:  “Yes but I want you to tell me.”) I threw in that I’m a daily marijuana user and he verbally interpreted that as “daily substance abuser.”  Oh goody this is gonna be fun!  He asked me sneaky questions like “Do you ever hear someone calling your name when no one is in the room?” (No), “Do you ever hear a voice that is not yours talking to you or telling you to do things?” (No), “Do you ever see a group of people talking and think they’re talking about you?” (Yes with a fresh rush of tears, I have been paranoid since I was a little girl.)  It cracks me up how they ask those questions.  I call them the KooKoo Index.  So I got a 1 out of 3 on the KooKoo Index, or 33.33333333333333.  That’s pretty crazy.  Beware of me!

P.S. – This is my 100th post!!  Substance Abuse Party at my house y’all!!

18 thoughts on “Psychiatry Appointment #2

  1. Smoke one for me. I’m still looking for a dealing that’ll sell me some plain old weed that’s not cut with crazy shit. What’s a gal got to do to get some old fashioned ganja, I ask you?

    And shrinks wonder why we distrust them. False, tricksy hobbitses. Erm. I mean shrinks.

    • Hello and welcome to my insanity!! I don’t know if you should be jealous or not, let’s see what he springs on me on Appointment #3 this Friday, that’s when he tells me what he thinks. Eeee I am nervous! Especially about changing medicine. I don’t think the current medicine is working particularly well, but I’m still attached to it, I’ve been on this regimen for YEARS!

      • I went through eight medicines and two dosage changes before we found one that worked for me. It’s hard switching medication (the withdrawal on the first one was BAD), but it was worth it to find this one. Good luck and I look forward to reading more. =).

      • Thank you so much!! I will DIE if I have to go through anything close to EIGHT medicines!! At the very least I’ll be canned from my job which I’m holding on to by a thread!

  2. DudeMan…. WTF? The Substance Abuse Party was two days ago and I am just hearing about it? Doncha love it when they just CLASSIFY you? I just got abused by my therapist, too, because her feelings were hurt. OMG, You have GOT to love the PROFESSIONALS, right, bru? (yes….”bru”)

    “Set the up and knock them down” I say!… or GTFO. Why are you gonna keep going in for a Set Up? Just like I tell Meg every day, “Fuck them right in the ear!”

    • Ok bra (yes BRA) now I’ve heard it all! You hurt your THERAPIST’S feelings? Really?? How does that work in the therapeutic relationship?? Really. I wanna know. Your therapist needs a therapist, methinks…..

      • She told me to call her if ever I needed. I called. She never called back. When I told her it had bothered me that she never called back she proceeded to tell me how OUTRAGEOUS it was that I had EXPECTED her to call me back and that she had a “day job” she was “taking heat at” because of the distraction. She was so INTENT on making sure I was aware, she wouldn’t even let me finish a sentence. Then, when I walked out, she wrote a letter FIRING me from the practice, saying it “was apparent” that my needs “were not being met” and told Meg I had been threatening.

        Ho do ya like me NOW?


      • Geesh…it seems like it should be more of a crime to practice recreational psychology than recreational weed. Can I get her tested to make sure she doesn’t “practice” anymore? What the hell is “practicing” anyway? I “practiced” on the big nosed due in “OPERATION” Can I do brain surgery now? It is all just too damned funny.

        Meg figured it out. Just like you said, this is her 2nd job so she is less invested. Then, along comes CrazyJay and she just found herself in the deep end of the pool and was too much of a coward to admit it so I HAD TO BE THE BAD GUY so that she could save face. The exact thing happened in AR when Meg was recklessly thrown into a downward spiral by a “practicioner” who thought she knew better. Then, when I saw Meg getting close to the edge, I called and INSISTED that they deal with her. They dragged their feet, but acquiesced when they started receiving inquiries from local, state and federal agencies. Meg was treated. I was FIRED but the public mental health facility for being too mean to the staff. Of course, I assumed the were talking about when I would call at times, so I call the DESK to apologize. The entire front staff said I had never been anything but polite to them.

        They did not like me holding them accountable, so the fired me.

        Story of my life. Maybe one day I will tell you how I complained about being chest-butted to the ground by a cop and, THREE DAYS LATER, three cops show up at my door and I was arrested for Felonious Assault on a Police Officer. Now… let me ask you…. if I feloniously assaulted a cop, why did it take them THREE DAYS to arrest me and why did they show up at 10PM when they admitted it was just because they had nothing else to do. WOW! Felonios Assault on a cop, a DANGEROUS PERSON like that and the cops take three days and only serve the warrant when they have time between donut batches?

        Yeah…. I walked away from that one, too!

        I am the Consummate Chameleon and you can’t catch something you can’t see…. or can’t see coming!


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