Hump On, People!!

Well, it’s Wednesday.  I’m sitting on the couch, supposed to be in a staff meeting (remotely), listening to my boss & co-workers drone on and on about bullshit I don’t care about!  I am the reverse dream employee, believe me!!

I just did a meditation this morning on creativity…do I need more creativity?  I need more time to express my creativity.  If I visualize more time, will I visualize my way right out of a job?  I’m such a magical thinker, I’d love to be without a job, I’d love the time, yet my rational brain is trying to call me back to reality, saying, “Uh, hello?  You can’t LIVE without a job!”  I know this is SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) but I can’t really get my head around what my solution is.

I need somebody to take care of me, but there’s nobody!  It’s just me, me or me!  Dammit!  I don’t want the job!!!!  Does anybody ever go through this????  Am I just a spoiled brat and a whining baby?  Probably….Have a happy day everybody!

5 thoughts on “Hump On, People!!

  1. Happiest of hump days to you, as well! Wednesdays were always my favorite days when I was working, because then I knew I was half-way done. 🙂

  2. I go through the cycle of “I don’t wanna” a lot. I have been working with my therapist on identifying when it’s an issue of me just being whiny because I’ve always been the responsible one in my family and sometimes I just want to curl up in bed (and therefore, um, I have to just suck it up) v. me being legitimately unhappy with my job and needing to find something more challenging/less stressful/different/whatever. This most recent job change was sort of the result of a few months of what I fondly call the “eff-it’s”, i.e., my attitude at work, which lit a fire under me (among other things) to find something where I would not be doing the same bs day in day out and putting up with the same corporate crap.

    Fingers crossed for you!

    • Thank you, I really appreciate your insights!! I think we are somewhat alike. I think I have a major attitude problem but I also have a shit job. Those two combined are making it a little hard to motivate to find another job but I’m tryin’!

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