Good, Friday!

Notre Dame du Cap

Well tomorrow is Good Friday and stranger than strange, my company gives everyone the day off.  I grew up in The Most Catholic Family, Ever (yes it deserves capital letters) and when we were kids we got Good Friday off too, but not “goodie, we’re off for Good Friday!” but “Oh no, it’s Good Friday.”  Our parents expected us to mope around the house and grieve for Jesus, imagining what he went through.  We went to Mass for something like sixty-seven hours and they read detailed descriptions of Jesus’ beatings and humiliations.  We were expected to whip our heads back and forth with each crack of the whip on Jesus’ back.  Ok I made that last part up but shit! we might as well have.  It really took all the fun out of Easter.  Then there was the whole Easter Mass (Glory!  Glory Hallelujah!) where all the lapsed Catholics showed up for Mass (why do you do that, lapsed Catholics?) so the church was extra-crowded, and I would get hot and feel like passing out.  There wasn’t enough oxygen in the church with all those people, flowers and HATS!  Finally afterwards we could go home and eat a hollow bunny.  Big shit.  It wasn’t worth it!  I was always relieved when Easter was over and we just had to get through regular Mass every week.  Oh Holy Mary Mother of God am I glad to be a recovering Catholic!  A-MEN!

7 thoughts on “Good, Friday!

  1. I absolutely feel sad for kids that have to be put through that stuff.What happened to waiting until you are old enough to decide for yourself?? I cringe when mormons come to my door with their toddlers in tow, being used as the ‘doorstops’ so you can’t swear at them ” GET OFF MY F##%ING PROPERTY” .I see them bored out of their skulls and wonder about the houses up the street still to meet them and wonder if they will be as friendly as I pretended to be. Honestly,if I wanted to talk religion I would do it a church, not have it shoved down my throat my these strangers with their watch tower magazines telling me that my children have special needs because I must have sinned along the way…PLEASSSE….

    • That’s some fucked up shit if someone said that about your kids. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be nice at all, no not one bit. You are a bigger person. Yeah I don’t believe in ANYTHING that people shove down other people’s throats.

      • same here.I was aware of little kids being there method now is a slammed door after I say ”Don’t bother”.If I see them through the window I shake my head implying” Hell No”! All depends on my moods..god help them if I am mixed…

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