Snowy Buddha

I went to my first “practice” at the Boulder Shambala Center last night, it was really neat.  We sat on cushions with our butts up and our knees curled back.  (I needed two painkillers later on for my knees, I’m not thirty any more and I really can’t sit like that).  Since it was a full moon they did some special chants, rather than just regular meditation.  I have to say, some of the cadence and even some of the words reminded me of Catholic Mass.  All of these practices are not as far apart as they would have you believe.  As far as I’m concerned they all lead to the same God anyway.  A lot of the chant was about our materialism, and duality.  Yeahhhhh.  Hey what can I say…I will be back.  I don’t think it’s any accident that I’ve got all these buddhas all around the house.  Rock on, Buddha Energy!!!

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