Psychiatry Appointment #3 – Final Report

Dancing Monkey

This is the final report because this psychiatrist takes not one, not two but THREE one-hour appointments to reach his initial diagnosis and to make a treatment recommendation.  Well, today was appointment number three.  And voila!  Just like that, I am Bipolar II.  Nothing has changed!  He is recommending Lamictal (sp?) so off to the pharmacy I’ve gone and gotten the prescription.  He said he is going to “defer” the ADD diagnosis and wait to see how it goes for me on the Lamictal – I guess he wants to see me not depressed before he makes any further diagnosis.  I guess that’s fair, although I must admit I was a bit disappointed.  I wanted a bigger pronouncement.  I guess I wanted something grand.  I wanted The Big Fix.  I don’t know what I thought he was going to do – a handstand?  Tap-dancing with the little cymbals on his knees?  I don’t know.  It’s just another long process of trying to get better – my least favorite thing – long processes.  I guess I’ll hop on the Long Process Train and take a ride – wish me luck!

42 thoughts on “Psychiatry Appointment #3 – Final Report

  1. I ❤ Lamictal. It takes FOREVER to get up to the therapeutic dose, but it's been worth it for me. It also helps with the depression part of things.

    • Oh YEAH I forgot to say the Lamictal will eventually replace the Wellbutrin – the doctor said Wellbutrin makes bipolar people cycle!! So I’ve been taking something for YEARS that makes me WORSE!!! I would really like some better mood stability and I’d really really REALLY like to kick the fucking depression to the curb.

      • God, I hated Wellbutrin when they put me on it (pre-accurate diagnosis)! So, congratulations on taking the first step to kicking that to the curb. Best of luck with the depression. It may take a while to get to the right dose, but it has good potential to replace anti-depressants.

      • God, I hated Wellbutrin when they put me on it (pre-accurate diagnosis)! So, congratulations on taking the first step to kicking that to the curb. Best of luck with the depression. It may take a while to get to the right dose, but it has good potential to replace anti-depressants.

      • Oh man you are giving me lots of hope!!!!! I really want this to work. I hope it doesn’t give me a fucking rash or any of those side effects that it can possibly have….

      • Yeah, hopefully it works for you. Try not to get your hopes up too high in case it doesn’t, but being hopeful is definitely a good thing.

      • It’s hard when I’ve been hope-less for so long, now I have some hope. Well it’s a pretty spring day today, that’s hopeful too. Goddamn it’s always such a relief when Spring comes!!

  2. One small step at a time! From experience, the medication takes a while (any of them do) and there is no over-night cure. You certainly sound like you’re on the road to stabilization and that will be a wonderful thing. Best of Luck!

  3. Best of luck! I hope it helps. I know it also helps with the depression side. M has severe depression and was prescribed Lamictal!

    Kinda funny how the antidepressants they give us just make us worse! E-yuck. And they wonder why I don’t take them. 😛

    I hope this works for you. 🙂

    • You know my doctor has me staying on the Topamax and just is adding the Lamictal! I guess because the Topamax has done so much for me, especially with impulse control issues, he is leaving that in the mix. I am glad because it really made the difference in a lot of my addictive behavior, it’s been a lifesaver. Also I never in my life was able to leave a nickel in my bank account until I started taking Topamax, it has helped me a lot to be less impulsive with money!

      • Good luck with your meds! I really hopes it works for you, I’m on Lithium Carbonate, and it really is my life saver. I have side effects with it and mine hit toxic dose a few weeks ago, yeah sounds drastic I know and I had to come totally off it for a week and I slumped into dreadful depression, so to me, the side effects are totally worth it!:) x

      • I totally understand, but just remember, not every medication works for everyone. If Lamictal doesn’t have the desired effect which I hope it does, there are other drugs you can try so don’t give up, you will get better! The beauty of Bipolar Disorder is that it’s chemical, so it’s not environmental issues that are bringing you down, which are much harder to fix x

      • Man, great reminder. SOMETHING has got to help!! I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. With the Lamictal it takes so godforsaken long to ramp up the dose, I won’t know for a while if it’s effective or not. I’m not known for my patience 🙂 maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something . . . if so the Universe can fuck off 😉

      • Yeah something will honest! I found mine pretty quickly, as its the main treatment for Bipolar Disorder. It can take a while to find the right dose though! If it works, the wait is worth it! You might be surprised, you might response slightly to lower doses and see the effect rise!

      • I hope so!! I had my first does today. I went for a speedwalk this afternoon and had my slowest time ever, I don’t know if that’s because I am a fat pig right now or if it’s because I had my first dose of Lamictal. Probably it’s the former, this winter has been brutal on my girlish physique.

      • That’s great that you had the motivation to do it though! And I don’t know about Lamictal, but I’m on Quetiapine at night and it has a sleepiness side effect and its so strong it sends me to sleep within about 30 mins and I sleep for about 12 hours solid on it!

      • Yeah Seroquel is Quetiapine! It’s actually quite nice sometimes though because I couldn’t sleep beforehand, I’m coming off it soon though because it was only to stamp out psychosis.

      • Oh hahaha Seroquel=Seroquel huh? Sometimes I am just an ignoramus I admit it….duh……well I guess Seroquel is the LaLaLand Inducer huh??? I’m glad it got rid of your psychosis that must be its own kind of hell…

      • Quetiapine Fumarate is the the generic name like Ablify is Aripiprazole and Priadel is Lithium Carbonate. Yeah it was, I had the oddest concepts of reality, thought nothing was real and it was someone showing me film clips. I thought thoughts were being injected into me and my own thoughts were being destroyed. I could smell odd things that weren’t there and things were moving. I was convinced I was going to be pushed onto train tracks by a force and I thought everyone was talking about me. Scary stuff.

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