Move to Florida?

Well I am seriously contemplating a move to Florida.  I had a horrible winter here, complete with my first hospitalization in 23 years.  I don’t know if my seasonal affective disorder is all and only about the light leaving in the winter, or about the cold, too.  I think it’s about the cold too and that I could benefit with a warmer climate where I could still go outside and exercise in the winter.  I’ve thought about it my whole adult life, and I’ve done worse and worse every year here.  It would be REALLY hard to leave my family.  We are so close and I am very attached to them.  It would be incredibly hard to leave my little nieces and nephews too.  Still, I feel like I need to give myself a better chance to flourish, and this would be it.  I have about six months to think about it, plan, and scheme – how can I make this happen?  The biggest stumbling blocks are of course a job, and how do I move a whole houseful of stuff down there without breaking the bank?  I only recently bought the furniture I have now and I’d hate to get rid of it, now that I have what I want.  Questions, questions.  Of course, I welcome your feedback, advice and experience on the subject.  Thank you and have a great day!!

15 thoughts on “Move to Florida?

  1. I spent 3 years up north and those were the most depressing years of my life. Didn’t end up hospitalized, but that was probably because my husband at the time (since remarried) viewed mental illness as laziness and told me to “snap out of it.”

    My opinion is that SAD is having a severe effect on you than it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge to warmer climes. You will enjoy your family much more if you are mentally stable and happy.

  2. C’mon down! In my 25 years as a Floridian, the lowest the temps have ever reached were warmer than your highs on a cold winter day. Keep me updated and if there’s any info you need, if I don’t know it, I’ll help you find it!

  3. Where are you now? As a Minnesota girl, I can sympathyize with your desire for warmth and light. I’m trying to figure out how to get myself to North Carolina. (My daughter lives there, and she loves it.)

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