The Effect of Music On Mood

I am surprised not to see more written on this.  I know for myself that music can have a great effect on my mood.  Not only do I play certain music when I am in a certain mood, but I play certain music when I WANT to evoke a certain mood.  I believe music bypasses any mental processes that are going on and moves straight to the soul, connecting there and soothing the soul, or roiling it up, depending on what I play.  There are certain beats that resonate right into my chest and solar plexus and tell me that I am alive.  Some music is best played at ear-splitting levels.  Most is best played with a strong bass beat.  I tend towards the soul music genres; maybe that’s how soul music got its name, because it speaks to the soul?  Although some screaming Van Halen sometimes speaks for my mood sometimes equally as well.  Currently I am all Erykah Badu, all the time.  I’d love to hear what works for everybody else.  Oh, and happy Humpty-Dumpty-Wednesday to you!

12 thoughts on “The Effect of Music On Mood

    • Whooooaaaa I was wondering if someone would have an antidote like that!! I want to trick my brain like that!! There are definitely certain songs that can make me cry & cry, that’s for sure. And then there’s the bom chicka baum baum’s….if ya know what I mean…

  1. Music is the best for changing your mood. Right now I just heard some Jimmy Buffett and it took me right to the beach, obviously. If you check out my blog there are a couple of older posts on music and the brain.

    One is about an old man in a nursing home who wouldn’t speak but became “alive” when he heard some music from his generation. The other is about a young woman whose mother was in a Psych ward and the only way she could really get through to her is by singing. It’s a real tear jerker and she has a beautiful voice too.

    Great post.

    • Oh yes I DO remember the video of the old man who came alive with the music…why do I think I’m so original to write about this? Duhhhh I will look at your blog. Thanks for contributing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. An effective way to tell I’m hypomanic is when I put on some Brittany or Maroon 5, or En Vogue and start dancing around the house. Especially if I have several projects started and baking going on. Serious music can make me reflective and even sad.

    • Right!!! I loooooove to get a serious groove on and then get my cleaning groove on, or my cooking groove, or first one and then the other!! Or any other domestic shit!! Music can propel me!

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