I miss . . .

Some things I miss from the old days:  I miss dial telephones.  I miss landlines, period.  I miss the old-fashioned idea of you calling, and me calling back.  I miss plain old phones.  I miss answering machines.  I miss answering machines, where I recorded my outgoing message.  I miss answering machines, where I could save your sweet message for as long as I wanted.  I miss long and involved phone conversations, NOT called convo’s, because we didn’t have the shorthand, and we didn’t shorthand the conversation either!  We had two-hour conversations!  Even while I was in the bathtub!  I just added more hot water.  I miss talking for hours and hours.  It was on an old-fashioned phone with a cord, a long cord, and I lugged it all over the house as I blabbed (after I got out of my two-hour bath).  I miss two-hour baths in big deep claw-foot bathtubs of the old houses in whose subdivided funky apartments I used to live..  I miss the old days – in my mind they were simpler, less complicated, and a slower, sweeter pace of life.

5 thoughts on “I miss . . .

  1. While normally I love my internet and all, but at times I hate it. Life was a lot simpler before it invaded everything. Your best friend lived across the street instead of across the country. You played board games instead of raising virtual cows. Sigh…thatnks for the bit of nostalgia. Makes me think of the big rotary phone in my grandmother’s kitchen, and getting irritated when I spun a wrong digit and had to start all over!!

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