More Gratitude and New Drugs

Well I wanted to write a little follow-up to my gratitude post…today I got to work and thought “Hey!  What can I do that’s REALLY FUN?”  And then I thought “GRATITUDE LISSSSST! YEAH!” and I’m like “Psych” and I whipped out the pink post-it notes and a mechanical pencil for that super-precision writing, and I proceeded to write me a 20-item list, which included things like #8-Mary (Juana), #13-My iPhone, and maybe the best of all, #18-My Smoothie.  Far Out Gratitude List!  I referred to it several times as needed.

Then, to top off a morning full of gratitude, I saw the psychiatrist and in true Bipolar fashion, my mood crashed and I cried and told him my life is shit and I can’t keep up this “work” thing and I won’t make it to retirement age!  This being a good doctor, he whipped out that prescription pad so fast my head about spun off my neck!  “We need an intermediate mood stabilizer!”  he yelled, ripping the paper off the pad.  The verdict?  Oxcarbazepine.  A mood stabilizer to get my shit straight while we wait for the Lamictal to kick in.  Yayyyyyyy!  Yay me and Yay Dr. Drugs and Yayyyy Bipolar!  This has just been a banner day.

2 thoughts on “More Gratitude and New Drugs

  1. Is it horrible that I’m standing here drooling at your description of office supplies over the rest of your post? *giggles* Nah, glad you’ve got a doctor who is working with you. I just… really… love office supplies. They’re like, the best toys. 😀

    • I love office supplies too!!!! I always have to resist those bright colorful lined post it notes at the store – eight bucks!!! But I almost bought a new pad yesterday. I can relate. Neon colors are the best. I never left the 80’s 🙂

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