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Who are the best people to write about the best Bipolar medication cocktails?  Why we are of course, the consuming public!  I find that we write about this a lot, and share each other’s strength and hope about what works, what doesn’t work, what might work, what only works on Tuesdays, and so forth.  It has been a revelation for me to go to this new psychiatrist and find out that something that I’ve been on for about TEN YEARS is sabotaging my well being, and that is WELLBUTRIN.  According to my esteemed colleague, Dr. Drugs (not necessarily the most awesome name for him but it’s catchy!), Wellbutrin causes Bipolar people to cycle which is the very thing we are trying NOT to do!  So, we are slowly ramping up the Lamictal, which is both a mood stabilizer and a mood elevator (I’ll take the fifth floor thank you), and then we will phase out the damned Wellbutrin.

I am also on Topamax which is an absolute wonder drug for me when it comes to impulse control and taming the addictions.  I struggled mightily with my finances, shoplifting, smoking a pack and a half a day, and getting drunk daily before taking Topamax.  Since starting Topamax I have been able to do finances pretty much like a grownup, stopped shoplifting, smoke three cigarettes per day, and drink very little (except when I’m stressed, then I can still pour the alcohol down my throat on occasion).  Topamax has been considered a wonder drug for treatment of alcoholism and gambling addiction.

If you have experience with something working remarkably well, or remarkably HELL for you, please share in the comments.  Of course, I want to hear about that bastard Abilify too.   Haha those commercials get my goat.  But you already know that.  Yeah, get your own goat!  Thank you for playing.

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  1. It’s just Seroquel for me right now. I suspect that there might be some tweaking and cocktail-creating at a later date, but for now… I know I am *very* lucky it does most of the mood-stabilizing trick. Having said that, I’d kill for some Dexedrine for the probable never gonna get diagnosed ADHD — if there were ever functionality in a pill, it’s that one.

    • Ah, I love the stimulants for what they can do to wake up my brain. Unfortunately I have the propensity to abuse them too so I’m sure they’re not in my future. I sure wish for them though, to clear the fog that I am often in. I miss that clear as a bell mind.

      • Yeah, I used to be a pretty bad pill-popper in my school days… but then, it was because I couldn’t keep my head up otherwise (and really couldn’t, even with that). I’d like to think I’d be better now, but it’s probably best that I don’t have the opportunity to find out.

  2. I’m having pretty good success with Lamictal right now, though it’s early yet. Side effects for me so far have been slightly diminished cognitive function (word recall and attention to detail are my biggest sufferers ATM), distractibility (although I have comorbid ADHD and have been off meds until today, so fingers crossed that that evens out!) headaches and photosensitivity.

    It also blips me up randomly into short term hypomania, which I understand is not unusual until you hit the therapeutic does. Other than the reduced depression (WHICH IS AWESOME), the best thing about it is it has helped me gain a lot of traction in regulating my sleep schedule. I’ve been sleeping mostly like a normal person for weeks! After 15 years of chronic insomnia. I have a lot of love for this drug.

    Re: consuming public info – have you ever been to It’s a patient run forum that goes into great detail about drug cocktails, interactions and all of that fun stuff. It’s in layman’s terms and it’s hilarious and informative 🙂

  3. I take 300 mg of Wellbutrin and 200 mg of Lamictal. The combination works well for me and my daughter. Well, the lamictal works well for my daughter, the Wellbutrin isn’t recommended because of her age. The lamictal is like a wonder drug because other then a possible slow painful agonizing death there are no real side effects.
    Unlike Seroquel, which for me caused dysphagia, rapid weight gain and elevated blood sugar. I’m not a rapid cycler or type 1 bipolar so the Wellbutrin doesn’t seem to stimulate any overreactions for me. I think because I’m always more on the depressed side then the manic it balances it out nicely. At least I haven’t killed anyone yet. I haven’t even gone to jail.

      • Well, you only have to live in fear for your life for approxiimately 2 to 8 weeks. A small price to pay for feeling “normal”? Maybe I only say that because my head is no longer on the chopping block. Believe me, my first 8 weeks on the stuff if I so much as saw a red dot on my skin I started to sweat.

      • Honey don’t get my paranoia going. It ain’t hard to kick it in and then forget it. It won’t stop. I’m not thinking about rashes. Rashes can fuck off. I’m not getting a rash. I’ve had enough pain and enough stops and starts. It’s time for the smooth sailing phase of life. God damn it I mean it!!!!

      • Wow, you’re feisty. You’re bipolar, you say? I never would have guessed. LOL! I get the paranoia thing. I have a fifteen year old daughter who thinks she’d have more freedom in Saudi Arabia because I am sometimes consumed by my fear that something will happen. But enough on that. Happy Thoughts!

      • I’m a California girl doncha know 😉 I never got over my upbringing in the desert heat of the San Joaquin Valley, I think that’s why I wilt in the Colorado winter.

      • South Florida here. Every day when we walk out the door it is like being slapped in the face with a hot, wet towel. 😉

  4. Girl you are just too funny!!! I am so glad I found your blog, you sure gave me a giggle. See now for me topamax really doesn’t do much for me, as I have been on it for so long that she just raised my dose again and I am thinking that in 6 weeks if it still is not doing much that I may just do away with it completely. Now, I am not quite sure what my wonder drug is but I am currently on abilify and I am only at 10 mg, not sure if that is low or what but I recently realized that I am starting to get manic more easily now, so she may have to up my dose. Then again we have lowered my antidepressant so we could tapper off to start me on cymbalta n lamictal. Goodbye and good riddens to effexor, the worst drug for side effects. But, my doc put me back on adderal and thank goodness because I am ADHD and I am a college student and I was sinking in my studies big time…but now I can work efficiently!! Well, there you go!! Sorry I rambled on!!

    • Girrrlllllll we are here to ramble!!!! Thank you for yours and thanks for laughing!!! I oftentimes think I just sound like an idiot so thank you. I wish Dr. Drugs would treat my ADD but I think he wants to see me not depressed first. Good luck sir.

      • This is the first doctor in awhile that was willing to treat me for my add/adhd and finally with the grace of god she gave me meds for it. I didn’t know what I was going to do if I didn’t get back on it shortly, with my chronic fatigue syndrome and then add/adhd it was making life really difficult and then being bipolar and depressed…I thought I was going nuts there for awhile. Well, still feel that way but life is certainly a bit more manageable

      • That is great. Yeah I have fibromyalgia too and I don’t know if it’s severe ADD or this fucking idiot term “fibro fog” I’ve heard of but GODDAMN do I have a hard time getting focused!!!

  5. Stimulants have been a killer for me. All of my bad episodes have been on stimulant for supposed “ADHD”, which I now don’t think I have. Geodon and now Latuda have been a savior for me. Latuda seems like a water pill which stabilizes my mood with absolutely no side affects except not letting me get very high.

    • I had one hell of a wild ride on the mania rollercoaster a year or two ago when I took Phentermine for weight loss. Lets just say I had some sexcapades that I could write a book about. Maybe I will :p

  6. Oh, dear, I could share so many stories with you! I’ve been medicated since the age of 10. I’m 25 now. You’re right — we have the best insight on these medications. We could practically be doctors. 😉 They didn’t put me on mood stabilizers right away because they were leery about labeling a child with bipolar disorder, and there aren’t many or weren’t many off-label mood stabilizing medications for children. Taboo! So, I was on anti-depressants and typical/atypical anti-psychotics most of my early-preteen, preteen, and adolescence: Paxil, Risperdal, Abilify, Prozac, Geodon, Luvox, Trazodone, Seroquel, Zoloft, Celexa, Wellbutrin, Remeron, and the list could continue if these medications didn’t murder my memory. We know how THAT goes.

    Putting a person with bipolar disorder on an antidepressant without treating mood stabilizer via a mood stabilizer is pretty pointless. Typical protocol is to obviously first diagnose someone with BP disorder according to the DSM (the 5th book comes out next month — YAY!) and possibly with the use of various diagnostic tests. Then, the doc can either first treat the person with a mood stabilizer, the top of the line medication being Lithium. Lithium is by far the BEST (clinically speaking) treatment for bipolar disorder. To my knowledge, it’s the only FDA-approved drug for BPD. It’s been around for over a century, and its amazing benefits to the brain are recently recognized. For instance, long-term, untreated mania can result in deterioration of gray matter in the brain. MRI studies show that Lithium builds gray matter over time. How awesome is that? Of course, there are many, many side effects to this drug, like weight gain and Lithium toxicity. Weight gain can fluctuate from one person to another. In my experience, once Lithium stabilizes in the system, weight stabilizes as well and it is possible to shed the Lithium 15-20 lbs. Lithium toxicity can be avoided by getting bloodwork to test for levels every 3 months. I’ve had Lithium toxicity before for about 2 months, and my kidneys were fine after playing with my dose, thankfully. Overall, I’m grateful for it. It’s one of the few medications that people have been on for the rest of their life and didn’t need to switch. It’s also one of the few medications that BP women can be on during pregnancy with very (I mean, very) little risk of birth defects. Thank science for longitudinal studies! It’s only recommended in cases where the mother and unborn baby would benefit more from being on it during pregnancy than being off of it. Not everyone responds well to Lithium, though, and thankfully there are other medications that work as mood stabilizers. Lamictal, as braineatsbrain mentioned before, is a great newer anticonvulsant drug that works well in treating the depressive episodes of BPD. I was on Lamictal for a short time. It also spiked my hypomania, which is actually a really fun feeling, but I could not sleep. I also had problems with word recall. As a college student studying human development, I need word recall for paper-writing. Lamictal also has a rare side effect of a deadly rash. Other than that, I’ve read a few studies which highlight its use as an add-on to Lithium. Lithium is fantastic at stabilizing mania more than depression, which isn’t to say it doesn’t help depression at all. Lamictal picks up where it leaves off. It’s not always recommended that it’s prescribed alone as a mood stabilizer, but I know many people who are only on it and an antidepressant. I’m positive it can stabilize mania, though perhaps not in the same way or to the same degree as Lithium. To each their own. It’s also another drug that has extremely rare incidences of birth defects when taking while pregnant. There’s a 14-year longitudinal study to back it up. You bet your ass I’m going on it when I’m pregnant. Depakote is actually probably the second most common go-to off-label mood stabilizing drug. It’s another anticonvulsant. You’ll find that just about all anticonvulsants have mood-stabilizing properties. I was on it when I was 13, but it made me so physically ill that my mother took me off of it. My dad was on both Lithium and Depakote for years. I’ve heard if someone doesn’t respond well to Lithium, they’ll probably respond much better to Depakote. That’s not to say someone can’t respond well to both. Other less-popular off-label mood stabilizers that are anticonvulsants are Tegretol and Topamax. Seroquel is also used to treat depression in bipolar disorder, but quite honestly, where I’ve only seen the other drugs being treated in individuals with mood disorders, I’ve seen Seroquel being treated in people with strictly depression and some comorbid bipolar alike. I would classify the aforementioned drugs as mood-stabilizers more-so than Seroquel. Seroquel is more of an add-on than the other drugs. The other drugs can be used alone to manage bipolar.
    Anyway, DRUGS! WOO! In conjunction with a mood stabilizer, the doc can either wait and see how it stabilizes the mood or they can prescribe an antidepressant on top of it. Not an uncommon practice, prescribing two medications simultaneously is not without its problems. For instance, it may be harder to determine which medications are causing which side effects, whether they’re physical or mental. All medications have a chance of some kind of cognitive dysfunction. Many overlap. Some disappear over time. Hopefully the doc is intelligent enough to assess the situation if a problem arises. *rolls eyes*

    I had a major issue with Wellbutrin, too. Wellbutrin is supposedly a great off-label drug to treat ADHD-symptoms of BPD. Dr. Drugs has studies from Mr. Science & Co. to back it up! Okay, I’m not going to doubt that it helps some people. But I find it bullshit. Back story: I was on it for 3 months, and it caused severe Tourette-like symptoms in my face to the point where I could not talk without my mouth spazzing. It was depressing and embarrassing. Also, I was extremely aggravated with everything, and my moods were out of this world. Here’s why it’s bad for bipolar: Wellbutrin increases dopamine levels through SCIENCE. Bipolar people experience mania when dopamine levels are high. Excessive dopamine levels can cause involuntary twitches, psychosis, schizophrenia, and mood swings. Unlike traditional antidepressants, it targets dopamine and norepinephrine instead of serotonin. Dopamine and norepinephrine are associated with ADHD, which gives it that edge. There’s more SCIENCE involved, but that’s boring. Point is that it’s better to be on Wellbutrin with an SSRI to truly combat depression associated with low serotonin levels, and bipolar people commonly suffer from low serotonin. Here in my neck of the country, everyone suffers from low serotonin from lack of sunlight during winter months. -_- And creating an excess in dopamine is kind of bad on the brain as we know from MRI studies of untreated bipolar people. Apparently, combing Lithium and Wellbutrin increases the risk for seizures, probably because of the dopamine increase. Depakote has a milder risk of increase the levels of Wellbutrin in the bloodstream. Topamax & Lamictal don’t have any serious or mild interactions, but Tegretol may reduce the level of Wellbutrin in the bloodstream. Overall, though, anyone who experiences an increase of dopamine that exceeds their normal levels can experience shitty side effects.

    Right now, I’m on Lithium 900 mg per day, Lexapro 10 mg per day (both for 8 years), and Vyvanse for my ADHD. Lithium saved my life. I was put on it while in the hospital after 4 months of Geodon HELL. See, I went to see my dad’s doctor in hopes that he would put me on the same meds as my father. They say that it’s not uncommon for members of the same family with the same illnesses to work well with the same medications. He’s worked with my father for a decade. What does he do instead? Put me on Geodon! He tried to get me to admit that I was having more psychotic problems than I really was and forced this medication on me. It was a nightmare. It actually created psychotic episodes. I was afraid of getting killed in my bedroom at night by monsters. For the love of Snickers, I was 17 years old! I was incredibly depressed. That summer was the worst summer of my life. I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin, nor did I feel comfortable being anywhere or doing anything. I had this constant urge to keep moving to escape my uncomfortable, awkward, feelings. The first two weeks of my senior year were a nightmare. I slept in all of my classes. Finally, my mom put me in the hospital after I just wanted to give up on life. There, the doctors without knowing of my dad’s bipolar, put me on Lithium and Lexapro. Lithium saved my life. Lexapro is a weak drug in my opinion. It’s always been a weak drug. I’ve tried to get off of it a couple of times, but the withdrawal is horrid. I was once on 20 mg, but for some reason I was decreased to 10 mg. Honestly, it sucks at 10 mg and 20 mg.
    I tried SAM-E over the winter. It did boost my mood a little, but I was careful not to take too much to avoid mania. I started off with 50 mg for a week of SAM-E, then 100 mg, then about another week and a half later, I went to 200 mg. It gave me a sense of calm somewhat, though, it kind of made my heart race until my body got used to it. Then again, Vyvanse made my heart race before my body got used to it. I tried to take them about 2-3 hours apart, but maybe once the Vyvanse kicked in, the SAM-E would, too. I didn’t get anxious, though. It was more of a minor annoyance. Your mentioning of Lamictal almost makes me want to try it again.

    I’m glad you’re having such amazing success with Topamax. It makes sense that you’re on Topamax to treat the addiction and impulse control (associated with dopamine) and using the Lamictal as an add-on for depression. How long have you been on Topamax? And Lamictal so far?

    • Thanks so much for all of your wisdom, my God do you know a lot about this shit!! I have been on the Topamax for probably eight years, maybe longer. The Lamictal just two weeks so no effects yet. Big hopes though.

  7. I’m on lamictal, wellbutrin and guess what now? ABILIFY. It hasn’t been the dream combo, that’s for sure. I wanted to play the game, but I don’t have much positive to add. Sorry.

  8. Abilify was HORRENDOUS! Like being simulataneously hyper and exhausted. I was on it for two days and that was enough for me. I swear by Lithium, Olanzapine is working for me too. Well aside from the rampant hunger issues I have on it. Or is that just me? 😉 Good luck to you!

  9. I wrote about my myriad of drugs in my blog, so I’ll just say that I’m happy Topamax works for you. It made me incredibly violent and I had to stop taking it immediately. Switched to Trileptal and had no problems. Wellbutrin nearly killed me, also. It raised my blood pressure up to dangers levels and I had no idea. I just knew I was always tired, didn’t realize it was because my body was working so hard. Stupid drugs.

    • WOW the effects on different people are just incredible – we are incredible beings and incredible guinea pigs that the doctors get to experiment on. It’s crazy that it’s that much of an exact science, which is to say it’s a total crap shoot.

  10. Personal chemistry varies so much, it’s hard to generalize about meds. Topomax, for example, gave me a rash that would have killed me had we not discontinued it immediately.

  11. Hi,

    As a person who almost every week witnessing dramatic, life-changing auras in each individual I guide through, though self-serving, I may say my enhanced EFT practice already delivered results no one can ever imagine.

    The last week, I’ve guided a person with bipolar disorder and his own testimony written in and one with unipolar disorder who is yet to do a testimonial.

    This may be so much to be easily believed in, but I’m yet hoping this get appreciated.

    Many thanks and cheers!

  12. Wellbutrin didn’t do me any good at all. I was in a constant “brain fog.” It felt like a chemical straight jacket.But this was all before I was diagnosed bipolar

    The first and only medicine I took specifically for bipolar is Seroquel. It has been a God send for me because it helps me sleep which is one of my biggest problems no matter what label the Pdocs give me. Maybe the others might be “better.” However, at the moment I’m afraid to try anything else because I do not want to go through going off one drug and on to another. I just want to feel “OK -stable-normal” and not manic or depressed. So for now I’m sticking with what works for me.

  13. My best combination has been Lithium and Abilify, despite the abilify making me want to eat everything in sight. Worst experience ever was Trileptal, which is also an epilepsy medication, it had me cycling with just minutes between swings. I remember driving through traffic with my husband, wanting to smash through the other cars because they weren’t going fast enough, to wanting to sit in a corner and cry in the next moment. Bad news.

  14. I’m a little late on this post, but wanted to say a few things. First of all, I have been on Lamictal and Geodon for almost seven years and they work wonders. The psychiatrist added Lithium when I was in the midst of a manic hell about a year ago and that finally evened me out. My current Pdoc added Ritalin for the purposes of treating depression, as traditional antidepressants always made me manic as hell. I have had a lifetime of problems sleeping and the recent addition of olanzapine (Zyprexa) in a small dose at bedtime has me snoozing soundly. I take a few other meds, but those are the most important ones to me. I am prescribed Klonopin PRN, but take it rarely. It does work when I need it though!

  15. I’m currently on Abilify and Lamictal. The Abilify does a great job of preventing the mania–it was used to knock my ass out of a mixed episode–and seems to have mild mood elevating effects (counter-intuitive, I know). Thus far, the Lamictal has been doing a good job of keeping me stable. I had some early depressive issues while I was just starting off, but upping the dose and putting it in the extended release format helped a good amount. Currently, I take 100 mg twice a day since I won’t be able to afford the XR when I lose my job.

  16. CrazyMeds, the website, has good anecdotal information about various meds, FYI. I LOVE LOVE LOVE topamax, it’s the only thing that gives me enough lucidity to see that my moods are changing so that I can do something about it. I still cycle, but never as bad as I did when I was first diagnosed, and the anorexia it gives me (I dropped 60 lbs when I started it and had to see a nutritionist and re-learn to eat) is totally worth the fact that I can take a low dose of wellbutrin (I know, but it works for me, for whatever reason) and a mild dose of klonopin when needed (when I cycle ragey or anxious until I can ramp up the topomax or down on the wellbutrin, dosages depending). I am way less suicidal, my depressions don’t last as long, and I’m able to have insight into my moods. Lithium, lamictal, effexor, celexa, abilify– none of those did that for me. And I had horrid reactions to Lithium and Abilify, so if you want to hear about those, I CAN GO ON. : )

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      • Hello,I am BP and ADHD ,been fast reading,taking quick notes on the posts before I see my Dr in a bit, for the thousandth time…Im on topamax 50mg and wellbutrin 300mg and my irritability is much better but sooo depressed and not wanting to get out of bed, but I do because I have a job and kids and bla bla bla… so going to tell him maybe adding something to increase seratonin could help me. I found tho slog interesting and insightful, so thank you for starting it:)

  18. I love it. I’m not bipolar however my brother is and his idea of therapy is prayer, meditation & sticking his head in the sand. Oh did I mention my brother is an ostrich? I may actually use that for one of my blog posts. Time, he thinks in time he will be free from his sins & whatever else isnt right with him.

    I wish he would take something… even if its a clue. He thinks the same for his son who has severe mental illness. He’s getting better, he says. Meanwhile, I have maxed out my lexapro for anxiety. And wishing I was an ostrich or a crackhead to pretend none of this is real. Not really but you get it, right?

  19. I’m quitting Abilify as we speak. I’ll be off it in a few days and then a week free of anti-psychotics before I start Latuda, a relatively new one that is specifically approved by the FDA for Bipolar Depression, which is my main issue. I’m very hopeful, as it has a similar side effects profile to Abilify, which I hate, but I’m used to at least so I hope I can handle it. If it works I’ll be Sooo happy. Wish me luck!

    Thanks for the visit too! Hope you’re doing well with your current meds. Wellbutrin was hell for me too, as are all the anti-depressants. I just can’t take any of them. Pretty common with Bipolar folks… Yuk…


  20. I refused to touch Abilify because of a story my bipolar friend told me. Seroquel XR is working for me right now with a smidgeon of Klonopin to keep the mania from emerging, lol. I tried Latuda. It was good for organizing my thoughts, but it made my boobs grow too big. Other than that, it was a pretty decent meds.

    A friend of mine was just put on Wellbutrin. I was wondering why the F the doctor prescribed him that.

  21. It’s been over 20 years of searching and searching again for ‘the’ perfect cocktail. Once you think you have it, boom. It stops working and you have to start again. This has happened to me more than once. Right now its LATUDA. If I add an antidepressant, I cycle. SO, LATUDA straight for me. With a xanax chaser for the hard days.

    You are so right, no one know better, which meds do what, than we do. Thanks for the post. And everyone will have different effects to different meds. Your mileage may vary.

      • I have bipolar depression, I’m planning on discussing latuda with my doctor. I have been on topamax only for 7 months but my depression has started kicking my ass. Not sure if I should consider adding something or if I should just switch meds? Bipolar diagnosis is new, although truth be told they’ve just been fucking up and mistreating me saying I had depression for 15 years

      • It’s hard to know if you should add or switch. I have my own little spreadsheet where I log my meds, supplements, and mood, daily. I also take a Beck Depression Inventory daily, and log whether I exercised, whether I wanted to (a whole different story), how my appetite is, whether or not I socialized (or wanted to) . . . all very important metrics for me. I find that if I log these things, then I can compare them to my medication levels over time, and have something quantifiable to see if medication levels affect my quality of life. Kind of nerdy, but kind of important, ya know what I mean?

  22. Low dose Geodon an AAP works for me. It allows me to stay hypomanic. Prevents depression; therefore, mixed state and mania. I feel authentic on it. My jdentity, moods, and energies are aligned.

  23. I have been on a lot of medicines for bipolar. I currently take Latuda and Paxil. I have OCD and the Paxil helps with the obsessive thoughts. I’m doing really well on it. I have had a lot of adverse reactions to bipolar meds as well.

  24. Right now I am also on Lamictal. I’ve been on it for 4 years, and I think it really seems to help. I am also on ability. I’ve been on that for about 2 years. I really feel like that tags onto the Lamictal and helps me out even more. Since I started taking ability with the Lamictal I’ve had less episodes.

  25. I hated seroquel, it knocked me on my butt. Lithium made me extremely sick. I metabolized it too fast. I was on abilify and it triggered mania and nightmares. The only thing that seemed to work okay was latuda, depacote, and zoloft!

    • Seroquel knocked me on my butt too! Slept 12-14 hours a night, uh yeah just a little unmanageable. Thanks for your contribution to the conversation, it’s so interesting that everyone has such different experiences (and some similar).

      • You have no idea how happy I was to find this… I’m on Abilify which has helped somewhat over the years but caused me to gain a TON of weight. (I’ve never had a weight issue before). So for me, I’ve felt more in a funk than ever which uh, sort of defeats the purpose. I’m meeting with my doctor next week and am really interested in switching to Topamax but am not gonna lie… the brain fog scares me if it’s too extreme. But would love to get back to at least my pre-Abilify weight. I know it can vary, but you mention you like Topamax. Does the brain fog affect your work?

      • Sorry for taking so long to reply. On 100 mg, the brain fog does not affect me except for sometimes having a word recall issue. That was much more prevalent when I first started on it. Good luck with trying something new!!

  26. I have been relatively stable for 20 years, but I take a very strong cocktail. My cocktail is 2mg Klonopin 300mg Lamictal, 100 Trazadone, 5 mg of Lexapro. I also have ADHD, but I don’t want to add anything else. I am currently having intermittent bouts of depression, and I would welcome recommendations. I have been on this cocktail as is for 20 years, so I am reluctant to change drastically.

  27. What kind of medicines would be good for bipolar I don’t want to be a zombie all day long because I need to work and be alert 50-year-old male who knows he isdefinitely bipolar and needs

  28. I need to know what the best bipolar medications are I do not want to walk around like a zombie all day with my job I have to be alert there are times when I feel fine not maybe most days I feel depressed with no energy and I don’t want to get out of bed what medicines would be good for that

    • Boy it’s hard to say, it’s so individual. The best thing is to ask a doctor, and to go with the minimum amount of medication needed. You can read in the comments what has worked for other people, and it’s incredibly varied. The important thing is, if something is not working, you need to be your own advocate and have a good partnership with your doctor, so you can say “this isn’t working” and your doctor will help you try other things. I wish you the very best of luck. There ARE solutions out there and I promise you can function much better!

  29. I am in the middle of finding the correct meds, it’s been 2 months. I was on seriquel for 4 yrs and already being a big girl gained 45 pounds so even though it worked fabulously i can not get any fatter. I’ve been on latuda since and working on a second med for mood stabilizer as i am bipolar with a mood disorders. I did latuda and lithium for 3 weeks, did nothing but cry over spilled milk! So stopped that, still on latuda but now starting topamax with the latuda, Been 2 days not long enough but I’m trying to be patient through this process but being in a professional job and in a relationship and a mother, I’m struggling so hard. It’s hard because all these stupid emotions that are raging inside of me so loud make it so hard to be a productive adult out in the community and its so hard to not immediately loose it with my kids I’m usually so patient and communicate well but it’s liking a different person these last couple of hoping this med change is the one and I’m grateful that my doc listens to my needs but DAMN! Thanks to all the posts I read, let’s e know I’m not alone…wish me luck on this bipolar journey that I keep my boyfriend and my job through all of this!
    *Feeling flustered*

    • GOOD LUCK with the meds!!!!! I know how hard it is, believe me!! I too have struggled with the weight gain and it sucks!! So do the up-and-down emotions!!! I hope things are improving by now, I’ll be thinking of you ❤

  30. So glad I found you…even if a bit late. I love to read what is working for others. I’ve been at this for 25 years and my meds are still being tweaked…it’s a life long battle my friends. I’m on 300mg of Wellbutrin, 300mg of Topamax, 80mg of Latuda, and 50mg of Seroquel. My depression is getting unbearable so we will likely being adjusting and changing up my cocktail until we can control the beast.

  31. I have been on Depakote 500 me time release and Celexa. 40 me day for years I was given klonapin.this year and I have been compulsive gambling again . I stopped mess for a bit and had no urges but couldn’t function . Now I gamble

  32. Help !!! I’m so tired of the craziness. I’m on 450 mg Wellbutrin XL, 200 mg Topamax, 20 mg Klonopin, and 100 mg Lamictal. I’ve been struggling with depression since high school, I’m 34 now, and finally found a psychiatrist who realizes it’s BPD.

    Here’s where it gets fun, I’m a chemical engineer, PhD to be exact, so it’s safe to say I understand the science and chemistry behind my condition and my meds, but I’m cycling and my job is being impacted. I can spend weeks in a bit, it wanting to move making excuses to “work from home” or not go at all. Or weeks spending all my time there or spending all my free time researching my illness and medications. I haven’t found my sweet spot. I’ve been on this cocktail about 4 months, I know I need to give it time, but I’m struggling. My therapist is good to talk to, but I just want to connect to others like me. I also have some co-morbid issues, deathly severe asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, migraines, and hypersomnia.

    I’m embarrassed to share all of this with family, but right now, I’m about to explode.

    —–Feeling Hopeless in Alabama

  33. Hi I am on sodium valproate for 12 years and it’s needed aback up of Abilify – it saved my life. I was in deep psychosis and this tab helped me come off it. Both these medications act as s mood stabilisers and I must admit work. All meds to start have side affects and these aren’t any different but they soon subsided. All diff meds work for diff ppl also I’m on an anti depressant so I don’t sink under the floor lol anyway glad your meds work.

  34. I was diagnosed as borderline bipolar for the sole reason that all of the anti-depressants would work for about 2 weeks then would make all of my symptoms worse. I was told that is the #1 sign of being bipolar. I was put on Abilify and have been relatively stable ever since. I like it but I am on a very low dose (5 mg). Seems to be doing the job for me. My therapist wants to now try me on anti-depressants again to battle my depression while I am stabilized on the Abilify. I have never been one to want to ever take pills and the Abilify seems to be enough for me (and the occasional Ativan to help me sleep). Good luck finding what works best for you.

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