Spring Weekend on Deck


Well today threatens to be a beautiful Spring day, and this weekend threatens to be a beautiful Spring weekend.  I am threatening to get out and enjoy it, working in my weed garden, possibly harvesting a few thousand weeds.  Aren’t weeds wondrous?  They’re like my thoughts, unchecked.  They just go and go.  Maybe the gratitude is what keeps the weeds in check.  Maybe reading other people’s blogs keeps the weedy thoughts in check.  I know reading your blogs (yes You and You and oh yes YOU) helps me a LOT, especially you ramblers who tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth about what is going on with you.  That helps me a lot.  It connects my soul to yours on a level I can’t even describe.  It makes me better when I can connect with you on a truth level.  Let’s keep doing that.  And let’s all have a beautiful Spring weekend.  Pull out some of them weedy thoughts.  Peach out, homies!!  Gratitude!!!  For YOU!!!!!

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