Coping With NO Mania

A lot of my weekend and in fact free time lately has been spent wondering:  What the fuck should I be doing?  I have been in a lull energy-wise and in a lull when it comes to creativity.  Muse, where the fuck are you?  This creative cycling is a real bitch.  It seems to go along with the rest of the bipolar cycle.  So I sit, at my computer, on the couch, going, duhhhhh.  No.  This is not what I want to do.  I am reading a book on setting up a bona-fide Etsy shop that makes money.  Must get back to that.  Anything approaching a discipline is a novel act to me.  Also I am attempting a new daily practice:  Exercise.  Fuck.  Anything to feel better!!  Maybe feeling better will get that bitchy little Muse back into my life for a visit, spark a few creative sparks, get me cookin’ with gas again.  I don’t like how not-in-control of this I am.  I think I’ll go take a walk.  Oh but by the way I am still on the gratitude kick.  I will practice gratitude on my walk.  Ok Bipolar on Fire saying over and out, Sundays should last 48 hours, peaches to your mama.

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