Must. Stop. Listening!

Oh the terrible, gruesome and sad coverage of the explosions in Boston goes on and on.  I just now shut off the radio.  I’ve had it on, oh, four hours.  Just a little overkill I’d say.  Excuse me if that’s a pun, I don’t know.  I’m on autopilot.  I think I have a little bit of PTSD.  I was warming some soup in the microwave, it popped and I screamed.  GOD it’s good I live alone.  How would I explain THAT?

We are having another attack of Lucifer Dust, so far we have about six or seven inches and we’re supposed to get another six inches through the night.  The birds are still flying around, because it’s Spring and they wanna get busy!  Spring is such a horny season, isn’t it?  There. I said it.  Everybody knows it’s true.  Give me that delicious sunshine already, Spring!  It’s about time I bust out a haiku on Spring.

I Love Macro 1

Spring you old Devil

Bring me your warmth and sunshine

Stop being a tease

6 thoughts on “Must. Stop. Listening!

  1. I made myself tune out and ignored friends who were messaging me about it. With this whole mixed episode and heightened to nearly having panic attacks anxiety, I can’t handle other people flapping around here in the speculation phase. Sending all the good thoughts i can spare, obviously, but I’ve got to take care of myself right now too.

  2. I sat glued to the tv for hours until I realized they were reporting the same thing over and over again about every 15 minutes. As much as I wanted to pull away from it, it was difficult.

    • Isn’t there this feeling like “No! They might reveal something new!” and also I feel like when something so tragic happens, time should just stop. So sometimes when I’m just riveted on the coverage, I’m stopping time in a way, not doing life at least, and giving those families my energy. I don’t know, does any of that make sense?

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