Beans and Pigs

My cubicle-neighbor’s dog had cancer surgery today.  Not only do I have a human cubicle-neighbor, but I have these two dog cubicle-neighbors, Bean and Pig, both Boston Terriers.  Pig went under the knife today.  She is such a precious little soul, with so much spunk.  She’s very sweet and very sincere.  Her back legs are slowly going out but she’ll still try to jump up every time she sees me.  She is also a talented orator.  When I say to her “I LOVE YOU” she squawks back “RI RUV RU” in the most darling yet ear-splitting yelp you’ve ever seen.  She also says “Redrum” and she has a FIT when her Daddy exclaims ” ‘ELLO” like a Cockney Brit.

Her brother Bean is not as amiable as her and has tried to bite the lips off of many an unsuspecting visitor.  He shows me he loves me by taking my lip very gently into his mouth when I kiss him on the head, which scares the hell out of me.  I know!!  Sometimes I just forget and I kiss the shit out of him because I love him too.

There are some days that the four-legged co-workers cannot attend work.  They are not invited when we have bigwigs coming in to the office.  At those times we have to act like we’re a regular orifice (oops) doing regular work.  Those days are hollow and cold.  It’s amazing to me how these little souls touch our lives and brighten them so.  I will challenge to a duel anyone who says these animals don’t go to heaven.  I fully expect to meet my three Great Danes and one Rottweiler on the Other Side, wherever that may be.  For now I’ll sit here in cubicle world, watching yet another snowstorm, listening to a curmudgeonly old Boston Terrier snore the afternoon away.

4 thoughts on “Beans and Pigs

  1. Lovely post. My friend had to let her cat go today, and my cousin a donkey that they loved and cherished. All i can think of when it comes to animals is that they touch our lives in such a warm and sweet way that it changes us forever. I will never understand how “no-nanimal” people don’t get it!

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