Care For A Ricin-Sicle?

The man who allegedly sent letters containing ricin to both the President and a member of the House of Representatives is bipolar, according to his ex-wife.  He is bipolar, on disability, and not taking his medication.  According to his ex-wife, he has an obsession with body parts and their disposal, or the issue of illegal trade in body parts.  It’s so sad to me that this man, an untreated bipolar, has jumped onto the world stage to say “Hey!  Look how crazy bipolar people can be!”  In addition to that, in my own mind, I’m saying “Hey!  Look how crazy you could be!”  It scares me.  I don’t have any illusions about taking medication, or not taking it.  I don’t fantasize about the day that I’ll be able to not take medication.  I value my stability too much, such as it is.  Still, I’ve had a rougher-than-rough patch, and I fear “going crazy”.  Some days I think I’m there.

Anyhoo, there’s a lot in the news of the last few days to give us pause.  There’s murder, terrorism, fire, explosions, and every form of death and destruction imaginable.  How do we keep our cores stable?  What kind of mental pilates do people do to hold it all together?  I know for me, this blog is a part of my regimen.  So are reading other people’s blogs, regular therapy, exercise, talking to friends and spending time with friends and family.  Even that blessed job adds structure to my days and distracts me.  I welcome your comments and feedback on how the events of the week have affected you, what is working for you, what doesn’t work for you, what might work for you, what works on Tuesdays and Thursdays, what only works at 3 o’clock, etc.  I pray that you enjoy a Happy Friday.  Your ever-loving friend, Bipolaronfire.  Fire!  Fire!

8 thoughts on “Care For A Ricin-Sicle?

  1. Blogging is definitely a big part of my self-therapy. So is a fairly regimented sleep schedule, taking my pills like a good girl, and well… not much I can do past that. Exercise is right out ’cause I dangerously obsess, and I leave most of my diet to my husband (since otherwise I’d forget to eat). I do try to be mindful to not do all the things; that’s been a big step for me.

  2. Having a job with regular hours is a big thing for me. When I’ve had episodes in the past I’ve almost always had projects that took up most of my time at work and out of work. The time to de-stress is important. I also just started exercising regularly and find it is helping my mood tremendously. Blogging is a new therapy for me.

  3. I find it frustrating that people are so quick to let everyone know “he was bipolar, she suffered from severe depression, blah blah” about someone who’s committed a tragic or deadly act. Anyone has it in them to do those horrible things and although a mental illness can facilitate that, it’s not usually the only cause, you know? I just wish the media would stop doing that because it only perpetuates that awful stigma.

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