Let’s Hear It For Not Isolating

I have a secret.  It’s a bad one.  Oooooooh I don’t know if I can tell it.  Well this is a blog of truth-telling so I’m gonna say it.  I often go the WHOLE WEEKEND without seeing anyone.  Yep!  Isolater Extraordinaire!  I can go from Friday night to Monday morning being all by my lonesome.  And, depending on my level of depression, this feels GOOD to me.  Well, not necessarily good.  It’s what I prefer.  Because when I’m depressed, it makes me kind of cringe to spend time with people.  When I’m depressed and I spend time with people, it’s like an assault on my psyche, and mentally I’m counting the minutes until the encounter is over.

Fortunately for me, the depression is lifting, and I’m sticking my head up out of the depression-hole here and there for little pockets of time, and spending time with people.  I did it Friday night, for Dad’s 80th Birthday, and today I will have a darling friend over for lunch.  This is one of my favorite things to do, is to cook for people.  I MUST be feeling better if I want to cook for people!  Ah yeah!  <—— (80’s exclamation of excitement, yes I just laid that on you).  Let’s get this road on the show!  I gotta go to the grocery store!  Peach out homies!!  See ya later.  Bipolar on Fire over & out!

24 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For Not Isolating

    • Oooooh another truth-teller!! I think the Internet facilitates our isolation, don’t you? Before the Internet and Facebook we could never have stood so much alone time. We would have seen it for what it is: SHIT! Now it passes for a life. Let’s kick that shit to the curb and get back to life. Except for this blog, of course. Don’t quit this blog!!

  1. I’m the same way! I isolate when I’m down, that’s my “personal therapy”. Partly because it makes me feel good and partly because when I’m down I know I’m a total jerk and I don’t want to subject my few friends to that. However, i’m lucky because I have a roommate, so even when I’m isolating I’ll at least see her. And sometimes I do text people. I just can’t physically be around people, lol. Man, I’m weird.

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