Groceries. Laundry. Smile.

What an amazingly full weekend.  I was thinking yesterday, as I did all the usual Saturday chores like laundry (including folding and putting away, a big deal for me) and grocery shopping, and then making dinner, from scratch, this is really high functioning for me!  It used to be that I’d joke about doing “survival laundry”, just enough to get by, like, wash enough underwear for the week, and a few outfits, but otherwise all the clothes were strewn about my room, all over the furniture and DEFINITELY all over the floor.  Slob?  Maybe.  Depressed?  DEFINITELY.  It is absolutely fucking amazing to me what being on the right drugs can do.  It’s just the difference between functioning and not functioning!!  I mean, seriously!!  Laundry!  Going to the grocery store!  These are monumental tasks when I am depressed.  For one, I can’t get any get-up-and-go, any motivation, to start the task of laundry.  For two, I can’t complete it.  Grocery shopping?  I ABHOR going out in public when I don’t feel good.  I just don’t want to do it!!  It makes my skin crawl.  Now?  Ain’t no thang.  THANK YOU, DR. DRUGS!!!!!!!!!  I’m grateful.  For all of you who are struggling, half-functioning, or not functioning, take a couple of things away from this:  a) You’re not lazy.  b) You’re probably not on the right “cocktail” and c) There is hope for you!  Keep trying, even if it takes all you’ve got, keep trying to get help.

I might not be 100% out of the woods or 100% happy but I AM 100% grateful to be doing so much better.  And relieved like you wouldn’t believe.  It’s been a rough patch.  It’s good to be coming out the other side.  And I’ll see YOU on the other side….of Monday.  Peaches!  To yer Mama!

12 thoughts on “Groceries. Laundry. Smile.

  1. This is my favorite sentence you wrote: “It is absolutely fucking amazing to me what being on the right drugs can do.” I like it because I can relate to it (and virtually everything else you wrote.) Being on the right drugs has been a huge blessing to me. And I, like you, am not remotely afraid to say it.

  2. Yeah, hoping to finally get a little more cocktail love at my next appointment. This Month of Shite needs to go away already. At least it clearly shows that things I’ve said are still problems are problems that need dealing with.

  3. Thank you Mr. Drugs is so true. I got caught up in this obsession that if I was going to take psych meds that I was only going to take ONE… no more. So I’ve been on quetiapine for mania. Well duh, so now I’m not having mania, but I conveniently ignored that depression part of bipolor. I went back on depression meds 3 days ago, and what do you know? I suddenly can function again. Why I do this to myself?? ***sigh***

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