So Long, Barry

Barry Fey died over the weekend.  They were just talking on the radio about the U2 concert at Red Rocks in June of 1983 (yes I was there, in the front row, you can see me on the recording, but who cares that’s not what this is about ;)).  It was the second week in June and it was COLD and there was a cold mist falling that we NEVER see here.  Barry Fey wanted to move the concert venue and U2 and their management convinced Barry  to keep it there.  They were planning on videotaping the concert for a live movie.  They had plans to have fires burning on the top of the rocks and had the whole show planned for that outdoor venue, rain or shine.  They promised to put on a second show the next night for anyone who chose not to attend this night, which they did.  What seemed like the shittiest set of circumstances ever became rock and roll history.  Bono looked magical, covered in mist, marching with his white flag, breathing out the mist as he sang, the fires casting eerie shadows upon the rocks.  Everyone there felt like they were experiencing something they might never see again, and they were right.  It was the best definition of a magical night.  It was so much more than anyone could have conceived of when they planned the evening, all thanks to Mother Nature.

Which brings me to us, fellow Bipolereans.  How are we looking at our illness as a handicap, when it’s really the biggest gift, the best possible outcome, the best possible scenario?  How does it bring out the best in us?  What traits are spun out of our bipolar brains that wouldn’t be here otherwise?  I don’t have all the answers, but I am feeling the magic of that night, and I know there are no accidents.  We are meant to be here, and we are meant to be who we are.  ALL of who we are, right here and right now.  And we’re meant to honor ourselves, of that I have no doubt.  Let’s honor every stinkin’ drop of ourselves, right down to the crust.  Let’s do it!

6 thoughts on “So Long, Barry

  1. Like Jennifer Lawrence’s character in Silver Linings Playbook says that she accepts all parts of herself, even the dirty and sloppy ones. I can also say I accepts the bits of craziness that comes with being bipolar. Along with my wittiness, charm, and creativity. How many people can say that? Thank you for the reminder! 🙂

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