Back To Devil Dust

Well it’s May 1st but according to Colorado it’s still Winter!  We’re on our way to seven to ten inches and I have to say this is getting a little old.  I looked out my window this morning and I seriously considered staying in bed, but I did that yesterday and two days in a row is just unacceptable!  Dammit, weather!  This Spring just will not stick!  Will I be writing the same shit in June?  Are we going for some kind of perverted record?  Am I some old granny writing a Farmer’s Almanac and I just forgot?  Oh Lordy Jeez what does it all mean?  Is this the Snow Apocalypse?  If you don’t hear from me tonight be very, very worried!

8 thoughts on “Back To Devil Dust

  1. I’m in Canada and I feel your pain. Yesterday morning there was snow on the ground. Yesterday afternoon I had to turn on my air conditioning. This morning, more snow. This afternoon, more sun.

    I JUST WANT GREEN. Before construction so walking in it isn’t a dusty, gross mess. *shakes fist*

  2. I’m so exciting for the snow. It’s a pain in the but, but hopefully will help with the dry and the fires. But I do feel you I was not happy to have to clean off my car.

  3. Hey! Fellow Coloradoan! I live outside of Boulder and yesterday, just one day following the 10″ of snow that was still on my deck that morning, I was a chaperone for my daughter’s field trip at an ecological preserve. That’s a nice term for “swampy marshy sludgy mess” post-snowstorm. Imagine the slop that was being trudged through by 28 little 10-year olds. Happy for the moisture, not the accompanying mud. Hang in there!

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