The Abundant Om

Good morning and om!  I am doing a 21-day meditation here, in case you’re interested, it is called 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey with Deva Premal and Miten.  I love to do these 21-day meditations because they’re such a good shot in the arm.  Then I heard on NPR last night that meditating can actually enhance frontal lobe activity and for someone with ADD tendencies or just plain ADD, anything that can increase my frontal lobe stimulation is a WIN!  When I used to be sober and a member of AA I was a pretty steady daily meditater and I’m wondering if that’s part of why my life used to look better than it does now.  Some of you may be experiencing a big DUH on that last sentence, like, DUH maybe you should just be sober again, and maybe I will be someday, but not today.  Still, I will go for the meditation.  This one includes chanting, which I like, because it occupies me, rather than sitting passively trying to clear my mind.  The flapping of the mouth serves to clear the mind for me better than sitting quietly.  Today’s meditation was on abundance.  After yesterday’s abundance of devil dust, today we are seeing blue skies, yeahhhh boy!  Hope everyone enjoys an abundant day, in the best way.

4 thoughts on “The Abundant Om

  1. ” The flapping of the mouth serves to clear the mind for me better than sitting quietly” hee hee that’s funny. Maybe I would have better luck meditating if I did that.

  2. I chant also. It’s next to impossible to not listen to all the whirling in my head when I try to stay silent.

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