Update on Surfing the Stress

Well last night’s realization on how I was surfing my stress was quite an eye-opener and naming it actually served to propel me.  I had been worrying for over a month, maybe longer about my vacation (actually let’s be honest I have TWO trips that I have planned and paid for this summer that I didn’t know if I’d be able to take).  I bit the bullet and put in for the time today.  Then I had my regular bi-weekly skype meeting with my boss this afternoon and I just brought up the whole mess.  I really had to face some fear because I was so afraid that I’d be told I couldn’t take the time off, and I knew I’d be facing some pretty negative feelings on the job, were that to happen.  Well, none of that happened!  The boss just said that I could take the time off, unpaid, if I had no vacation time.  Well!  What a great weight has lifted off me.

Secondly, I placed a call to the accountant regarding my outstanding tax returns.  This is a stressor I’ve been surfing for over a year and the time has come to put an end to it!  I hope to have the taxes filed by next week.

As I expected, I did have a bit of a mood crash when I got home.  I felt a bit lost and sad, for no specific reason, and I just let myself cry.  There, there.  Now I feel like I have rebounded and can go on to my daily exercise.  I am just so gol-durn excited at this breakthrough I just had to report back!  BPOF, over and out!  Go to the country!!  Eat some peaches!!!

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