We have this yearly meeting at work.  Our home office is in North Carolina.  We are like a satellite office.  One of the things we do for this big yearly meeting is we do these “commercials” for all the offices – just something funny, meant to entertain mostly.  Well, our site head has come up with the idea that we’ll do a commercial where we’re all STONED and have the munchies!!!  Oh my GOD I didn’t bother saying that I can play it perfectly!!  My idea is that we should start every sentence in the commercial with “Dude!”  Everyone is so excited and wants to go shopping for tie-dyed t-shirts at the head shop this morning.  Hopefully no one at the head shop recognizes me and asks how I am enjoying my new bong (it’s ok, I still cough when I smoke, so I am sticking with edibles).  I am going to film it with my fancy-dancy camera.  Should be a funner than normal day.  Yay!

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