Bipolar Auntie

I had the great pleasure of having my eleven year old nephew over to spend the night.  My poor sister, his mother, took my niece to a sleepover with the Brownies at the Zoo!  Bunk with the Beast, I guess it’s called.  They were to sleep in a Zoo classroom.  It didn’t sound fun.  But!  That’s what left me with my precious nephew overnight.  Eleven is such a fun age.  They’re still pretty innocent but they’re getting smart and they’re fun to talk to.  My nephew, I’ll call him Redfin (because I like to make up pretendey names for everyone in my family, Redfin is the son of Snickerdoodle) is more innocent than most.

I live across the way from a fun park that has batting cages, go-karts and miniature golf, you know, fun stuff like that.  I took Redfin’s sister there about a month ago and figured that Redfin would be all hot under the collar to go ride the go-karts there.  Well, no.  Sweet little Redfin brought his jar of fancy rocks.  He thought that maybe we could make some jewelry out of them?  So up the stairs we went to my studio and I pulled out my sterling silver molding wire, which worked quite well for wrapping around rocks!  Well Redfin got down to work wrapping wire around his rocks, you should have seen him with those tools!!  It was like he was taking after me, just a little, with his jewelry sense and dexterity with the tools.  I was the proud aunt just sitting there, watching and talking with the dear boy.  I gave him some elastic string to turn his creations into necklaces.  He even turned a special purple rock into a necklace for Aunt Bipolaronfire!!!  Ah I was touched.

Later on we went to his favorite restaurant for dinner, the gourmet bistro Wendy’s.  Damn girl they have good salads!!!  Redfin likes to go through the drive through and eat his on the way home.  Fine with me!  The sound of his lips smacking as he ate his meal was just heaven to my ears.

In the morning Redfin wanted to play video games so we hooked up this little joystick doohickie to my tv that has old-timey games in it like Galaga, Mappy and Ms. PacMan.  I tell you, we had that noise turned up!  Just the mere presence of this boy and all that he did made me happy.  I just soaked up his presence in my home and it made me happy.  When it was time to take him home I was reluctant to do so, but I am happy to say I had a wonderful dose of nephew and I feel like a new and renewed person.  I don’t know what it is about the little ones, but they just make me happy.  I’m sad not to have had my own, but happy to be able to enjoy my nieces and nephews, and I’ll just be grateful for my time with them.

Now it’s time to start planning my garden, more like way past time.  I got out and pulled the weeds yesterday, and now it’s time to get planting.  A new cycle of life is on its way.  A time of year that’s all about life and renewal and I’m ready for the same kind of renewal in my life too.  Maybe life will imitate garden.  One can only hope!

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